Construction Sign Humiliates Kim Kardashian for Something She Did a Long Time Ago

kim kardashianInstead of putting up a boring old sign, a Canadian construction company decided to add some humor to their work site -- at the expense of Kim Kardashian. In an effort to answer local's questions on how long the building renovation will take, a sign outside of the Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto, Ontario reads: "Construction set to finish faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage."

Aw. Poor Kim. Despite just getting engaged and having a baby, her marriage to Kris Humphries' is still a punchline.


Actually, before you start shedding a tear for baby North's mama, the company will apparently be running a series of jokey signs outside of the building until construction is complete. And, randomly, the signs are apparently written by famous comedy troupe, Second City. Weird.

If Kim winds up getting wind of this sign (which I'm sure she will, thanks to her trusty Google Alert), I seriously doubt she'll give a shih tzu. At this point, the woman's probably heard it all. And she has a baby to take care of right now. If that doesn't put things into perspective, nothin' will, ya heard?

What do you think of this sign? Funny? Lame? Mean?


Image via Guise Archives/Flickr



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BeSwe... BeSweet707

I think it's the price of fame. They chose this lifestyle. She probably doesn't care and is too busy with The baby.

nonmember avatar Beth

Kim's mother screwed around on her father--what a role model!Kim and her sisters evidently sleep with anyone who gives them new publicity and not one of them has the morals of road kill. Kim certainly cannot claim to have her feelings hurt or be virtuous now, and put on a shirt or go public on a stripper's channel.

ammamtoh ammamtoh

Her fake marriage was very recent as in this past year, so not something she did a long time ago. Who cares if she is humiliated. She is an attention w%$re who is famous for a sex tape, nothing more. She is a shallow, selfish woman and deserves all the crap she gets.

Gianna Markolus

all the bitter women are hilarious. Bashing her on the internet isn't going to make you as beautiful or as rich as she is. You just look like a bitter sad pathetic person which is probably what you are LOL. And i agree w the article, she couldn't care less. The media is so thirsty. Humilated? hardly

hello... hellokd87

THANK YOU, GIANNA!! My dentiments exactly. Only famous for her sex tape? B* please, she was always photographed with Paris Hilton beause she grabbed more attention than Paris. Why else do you think she turned in her?! The Kardashians have built an empire consistin of their own fashion line, makeup line & tons of endorsements. That hardly sounds like being famous only for a sex tape. Jealous much?

hello... hellokd87

Whoops, *sentiments

nonmember avatar Donna

A long time ago? The divorce was just finalized, a mere few days or so before she gave birth to a bastard baby by another man, not her husband. Disgusting trash. The sign was way too polite.

nonmember avatar Donna

Nobody's jealous of Kim Kardashian. She looks like a rat in the face and has the morals of a pig, and that's insulting the pig. If I woke up and found myself to have switched bodies to become her, I'd have to throw myself in the river and drown myself, to avoid the humiliation of being her.

Gianna Markolus

You just proved your jealous with that comment. Only jealous people have such vitrol & hateful things to say about someone they've never met. If you were truly happy with yourself & in your own life you wouldn't feel the need to hate on someone else's success. Why obsess over someone you claim not to like? Get a life

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