Ian Somerhalder May Have Found His Own Real-Life Ana

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ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder has long been thought of as the front-runner for the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey. There was even talk of his ex-girlfriend and Vampire Diaries costar Nina Dobrev starring in the sexy flick too. Of course that is less likely to happen now that they have split. Though don't weep for poor Ian. It looks like he has found his own real life Ana.

The hunky TV vamp was filming a steamy perfume ad with Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros, and even when the cameras stopped rolling, the pair looked hot and heavy. The chemistry was obvious to everyone on set as they kept close and got to know each other better during the breaks at the Italy shoot. 

One thing is clear from these sexy shots: Ian is totally over Nina. Perhaps this is the start of a new Hollywood romance. Another takeaway? He'd still make the perfect Christian Grey. He is smoldering on set. The scenes in which he takes Ana in his arms and kisses her are especially scintillating. It's enough to drive a Fifty Shades fan crazy in anticipation for the final announcement about casting.

Other stars also reportedly still in the running are Man of Steel's Henry Cavill and Zac Efron, though it's hard to picture the squeaky clean High School Musical star in such a racy, assertive role. As for Anastasia, based on the chemistry with Ian during their perfume commercial -- Ana Beatriz Barros certainly has our vote.

What do you think of Ian and Ana's chemistry? Would they make a good Christian/Ana pair in the Fifty Shades movie?


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Robbie Trahan Villarreal

I like Ian and I love 50 shades books but please do not have Ian play Christian Grey.. Please NOOOO ....

nonmember avatar Lana

Bring it on! Ian's wasted in Vampire Diaries. Although Ana looks smitten with the smolder charm, I believe she does have a longtime partner. Who knows?

nonmember avatar Melissa

I don't think either of them is good

El Mead

once and for all BRADLEY COOPER AND JENN LAWRENCE for 50 shades of gray. great chemistry...


Anne Lie

Ian is nice good lookind and and and BUT!!! not CTG. Christian need some cute at his face too and Ian is missing this part !

catar... catarina2112

I want Ian as Christian but i don't think Ana would make a good Anastasia. i just can't see her that way. and i think Ian isn't "totally over" Nina yet for god's sake! 

Margaret Laciskey

Anyone who said no to this couple PLEASe do yourself a favor and go to the eye Dr. and get your eyes examined.....you must havevision problems......you are blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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