Kailyn Lowry's Wedding Day Might Be Sooner Than We Thought

Kailyn Lowry teen momKailyn Lowry is a busy little lady these days. Aside from being a mommy with a baby on the way, the Teen Mom has been planning her official wedding ceremony to Javi Marroquin. She even flew in her best friend to help out with the bridesmaids plans.

Technically, Javi & Kailyn already tied the knot last September during a small courthouse ceremony -- but purposely waited so they could save up for a huge blowout wedding they've always wanted.

And it sounds like the big day is WAY sooner than we expected!

Kailyn recently tweeted:

I'm so sad my best friend is leaving me tomorrow & I won't see her again until September!

To which her best friend responded:

I had such a good vacation. Can't wait until September.

Hmmm ... now why-oh-why would they be looking forward to September? Could that be the month that our favorite Teen Mom couple will be tying the knot?! That's only a few months away! OMG you guys, this is huge news! Will Isaac be the ring-bearer? Will the other Teen Moms be invited? Do you think they'll do an MTV wedding special?

So. Many. Questions!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited for Kailyn's official wedding day?


Image via KailLowry/Twitter

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Amy Adams

Or the baby..Just maybe that's when she's due...or when her friend has time away

Christina Dale

OR could be her Bridal Shower!? SO MANY possibilities-- this is how rumors get started lol

Amanda Smith

shut the eff up you two!!! ^^^

Derek W. Newell

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