'Bachelorette' Finale Spoilers -- Don't Believe Them ... They Might Be Wrong!

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OMG, you guys -- it looks like Reality Steve got The Bachelorette spoilers wrong, which is something he almost never does. I mean, the dude is almost always right, to the point where a lot of us avoid his website like the plague because we don't want the entire season ruined before it even gets started. (The suspense is the best part!)

But as far as Desiree Hartsock's journey for love is concerned, Reality Steve now admits that it looks like his predictions were wrong as to who will wind up being her final three guys.


Do not read any farther if spoilers aren't your thing. (I warned you.)

Originally, he said Des' final three dudes are Chris, Brooks, and Zak W. -- but now he's backtracking and saying he was mistaken. It's clear that Drew does wind up in Antigua with Des as one of her potential hubsters.

Which I guess means Zak W. gets the boot after hometown dates. But get this one -- apparently Steve has known Drew makes it to the final three for about a month now, but he just now changed the spoiler because the info he originally had on Zak was "so strong."

And even though he insists he has it correct now and that he knows who Des' final two are, and who she winds up engaged to (I won't spoil that part for ya), how are we supposed to believe him 100 percent?

If he waited this long to fix the spoiler, isn't it possible that he honestly has no clue what he's talking about and that there will be some crazy twist on the finale that keeps us guessing right up until the very end? How AWESOME would that be?

That's it -- I'm gonna go ahead and get my hopes up that Desiree's finale truly will be the most dramatic rose ceremony we've ever seen, and that something totally unexpected and over-the-top will happen. Spoilers may be pretty tough to avoid with my job, but that doesn't mean I have to believe them, right? Until Des has a ring on her finger, I'm going with the assumption that anything is possible -- and any of the final three dudes could wind up being her groom-to-be.

Who do you think Desiree will pick -- Brooks, Chris, or Drew?


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since... sincerelyjessxo

No offense to Chris because he seems like a nice guy but they really do seem in the friendzone to me. They get each other but they don't seem to have a spark. Drew kind of irritates me. I think she'll pick Brooks. They have had a connection like no other since day one.

Roberta Howard

brooks.. Why did she go thru all this.. It has been Brooks from the start.. BUT I don't think it is a good match .


Carol Kozlowski Bajor

Based on last week's preview, I think Drew drops out on his own because he's no longer in love with Des.  One reason maybe she's crying so hard.  Also, maybe Drew changes his feelings toward Des since she didn't have enough sense to send James home right away.  After all, TWO guys told her what they heard James say and he was such a showman.  I can't think who Chris is but I agree with others....it's been Brooke from the start.....but why did the previews show him driving away in the car?  Bet he may be the next Bachelor if he doesn't win this time!  And so the fake saga continues......

Carol Cromer

BROOKS!!!!!!!!  please, please, please

nonmember avatar Nanci

Um, Reality Steve updated his info. Since the episode has not aired it is still a spoiler and he clearly had been 100 percent right on every other detail from the start, changed one person, now, but still a spoiler. He's wrong if it airs and info was not correct.

nonmember avatar maria

My guess is there' is no one for whom the bachelorette feels real chemistry and vice versa for each of the candidates. No one has been hit by a thunderbolt. That is random luck and you would probably need 100 candidates to have it strike. It is a miracle when it happens- an everyday miracle but a miracle. (And it's still not enough - only the necessary beginning. The bachelorette is beautiful but that is not chemistry. or thunderbolts. It means any man would want to be with her -- for a while. And it is hard wired in most men and women to want thunderbolts.

Debra Waggle

I think after Drew says goodbye and with all the other stuff she's been through, I think she dumps this whole season and leaves after all she said " I just want to go home "

Marsha Brooks

Im hoping she picks Brooks

Joanne Hintz

I think she chooses Brooks, but I'm looking forward to the finale!!

cmomm... cmommyrun

I think she likes Chris the most. Can't wait to see the finale!

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