Robert Pattinson & E.L. James' Discussion Drops Major Clues About Christian Grey Casting

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robert pattinsonWhoa whoa whoa, stop the presses. When we first heard Robert Pattinson and E.L. James were chatting up a storm at his June 22 Gatsby-themed party, we thought, meh, it was likely just a case of the muse and the, err, "artist" (???) expressing their mutual adoration for one another. We could only guess that maaaybe there was some talk of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, though we couldn't be sure. Well, now, a new report in OK! claims the movie -- and Rob being cast as Christian -- was a central topic of conversation between the two ...

A source who overheard the interaction says, "Rob and E.L. were in deep conversation," and Rob even told the novelist that playing Christian "could be a way to break away from being Edward the rest of his life." OMG.

Apparently, "Rob also joked that it would be the best acting of his life, because there is no way he is that confident in real life." Oh, suuure. And at one point, he told Erika that he would have to clean up his scruffy look, but the former fangirl said she wasn't sure he would have to. The clincher: "E.L. said that was still up for debate -- if he signed on," says the source. Whoa.

Okay, now that we've had our minds blown, let's get real for a sec. ALL of this could easily be a complete fabrication, given the origin of the story. Or the convo really could have happened, but it may have been totally tongue-in-cheek ... because it's not like Rob doesn't realize Fifty Shades used to be Master of the Universe and Christian Grey was originally a reimagined Edward Cullen as played by HIM. It's something E.L. James can't help but admit, as several months back, she noted she would never want to cast Rob or Kristen -- it would be too "weird!" -- and she'd prefer to distance Fifty from Twilight.

That said, the real joke is that he would think playing Christian would allow him to break way from being Edward. That's ridiculous. Sure, you might argue that at this point, the characters are so far apart, and the stories as they'll play out on film are nothing alike. But the fact remains that they started out as the same character, and a lot of fans -- of both series -- know that. It would almost be like a continuation of Edward, a grown-up-and-horny Edward. Haaa, how much would that make Summit and Stephenie Meyer's skin crawl!? Actually, I'd be all about him snagging the part if only for that reason! Hee hee.

Either way, if they were chatting about casting at this party, we know Christian is most likely still up for grabs! Whether or not Rob has a real shot at winning the role remains to be seen ... But from the looks of it, E.L. James may very well be on board with that (ill-advised?) choice.

Do you believe this convo happened? Would you want to see Rob cast as Christian Grey?

Image via Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia

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BiBi Frederick Waltslady

If he is cast as Christian Grey - I will NOT watch that movie that man is horrendous looking- how people find him even remotely  attractive is beyond me- GROSS

nonmember avatar Mulie

Omg please no robert p is not c grey

Cathy Gover

I love Rob's acting but I think he would make Christian to dark.

nonmember avatar LILY

We want Ian Somerhalder.....:P :)

Tabatha Collins

I understand that the character was based off of Edward but I never liked Rob P for that part either and as far as Christian goes dear lord god plaease no. I wont, I cant watch it if he is cast.

Sharon Garrison Sherrill

Oh good grief, may as well have the horribly annoying bad actress Kristin Stewart play Ana, if that is the case and completely ruin the damn movie. Don't get me wrong I do think Pattinson is attactive and alluring in his own way, but totally NOT how Grey was described/how I imagine him at ALL.

nonmember avatar dary


nonmember avatar Emily Schreiner

Will not watch the movie if RPatt is cast as christian. He just is not hot enough

Donna Nota-Barrows

First of all Christian is dark and I love Ian Somerhalder for Christian and he would be darker than Rob. Secondly everyone knows that the book was based on Rob as Christian so yes I would go see Rob. But there have been a lot of names thrown around that would cause me bot to see it - no 1 on that list of bad choices is Matt Bomer - he would be terrible.

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