LeAnn Rimes' July 4th Photo Is Intended to Upset Brandi Glanville

brandi glanville leann rimesIt's been, oh, a nanosecond since Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes last exchanged salty words with one another, so LeAnn decided to remedy that by posting an adorable photo of herself, Eddie, and Brandi and Eddie's kids to Twitter on July 4. LeAnn has said countless times now that she's "over" her feud with the Real Housewives star and doesn't want to engage in anything with her, but come on. Does she really think this pic isn't going to cause drama with Brandi G? LeAnn, y'busted. You love the drams and you know it.

Whether she's posting photos of herself and Brandi's kids or mocking Brandi and her book in an Instagram pic with Eddie, LeAnn SO fans the fires of her feud with Brandi -- but tries to make it seem otherwise, which has to be infuriating for Brandi! It leaves Brandi looking like the immature and irrational one!

Brandi has voiced her distaste for LeAnn posting photos with her children numerous times now -- so why do it, Rimes? Either she's intentionally trying to hurt Brandi's feelings, or attempting to provoke the reality star into a Twitter war of sorts for publicity. (I checked Brandi's Twitter page. So far, nothing.)

I certainly don't claim to be the president of the Brandi Glanville Fan Club, but sometimes you've gotta feel for the woman. It seems like she's often being goaded into arguing with LeAnn -- by LeAnn herself -- but then whenever LeAnn's asked about things, she acts like she's above it, making it seem like it's all Brandi. Not cool.

But in other news, this really is an adorable pic. Damn you, LeAnn Rimes. Damn you.

What do you think of LeAnn posting photos of Brandi's kids? Do you think she provokes Brandi?


Image via LeAnn Rimes/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Amy

I'm no fan of Brandi, but LeAnn Rimes is just pure trash. She's obviously trying to stick it to Brandi, who should've had her kids yesterday. No matter how hard LeAnn tries, she'll never be their mother, & she'll always be a homewrecking white trash whore.

Irela... Ireland69

They need to move on for the kids, my ex cheated on me and now lives with her have a son  they got married and my kids go over there.  I want the best for my kids and she does for them a lot more than their dad,life goes on that's why i divorced him.  I want her to treat them right, why would i make it hard on them and for myself.  MOVE ON!

bills... billsfan1104

Is it just me or does it seem like that the kids are always with Leann and Eddie?

sassy... sassykat122

Yes i think Brandi has every right to be bitter. Her husband publicly humiliated her. However. At this point she begins to sound like a whiner. As much as she may not like it Leann is their stepmother and should be able to post pictures of happy times together. Brandi stokes those fires to

nonmember avatar Fran

Hey its time to move on . I think Leann and Eddie have the right to post pics of their lives. Its been five yrs , what are they suppose to do hide forever in case Brandi doesn't like it. No one is asking other celebs who have done the same ,not to post pics , only Leann it seems. Its gotten out of control ,and the these sites just keep it going, get over it.

nonmember avatar carabug

billsfan- I do not think they are always with Leann and Eddie I just think Leeann makes sure she posts pictures of them all the time for any publicity she can get. If Eddie does not even allow them to be in the background shots of The Housewives then he should tell his new wife to stop posting them all the time.

sassy... sassykat122

AMY... Even cheating, whoring fathers who can't be faithful still get their kids on holidays too. There is a difference between a reality show and posting pictures on personal sites. Remember Brad and Jen? Who thought she was the classiest woman ever when she wasn't constantly speaking out? Or sandra bullock? Brandi is always so negative now, its hard to feel pity for her. And, again, i don't blame her for being bitter. At a certain point you either get over or get help

nonmember avatar PLEASE

Leann Rimes is the most disingenuous person on the PLANET! She post pictures of the boys for two reason

1. To get on Brandi's nerve
2. To make herself look like a great BOGUSmom

And she wonders why she can't sell music and her career is in the gutter. I say Brandi don't engage and let Leann continue ruin her career and reputation all by herself.

Carolyn Ingold

As a step parent, I had my step kids on many holidays and took joy in those family photos.  I don't see anything mean about it.  They are a blended family.  And you never see Brandi posting pics with her kids, it seems as though they are with their dad most of the time.

Cindy Main

 I'm sure at this point Brandi is happy that Leann has her cheating ex and all his B.S. I wish Brandi all the happiness and love life has to offer.

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