Kristen Stewart Wears No Makeup & Looks Miserable a Month After Rob Split -- Can You Blame Her?

kristen stewartThe month since her split with Robert Pattinson clearly hasn't been easy on Kristen Stewart. Sure, she has hit the town with friends, being photographed at a saloon in Memphis and an Amarillo, Texas Hooters of all places. But all those outings can't mask what is really going on inside the Twilight star. This photo of a gloomy, makeup-free Kristen reveals the truth.

Ok. I admit seeing her this way isn't such a huge departure from the way she normally looks. She usually only glams up and slathers on all that makeup for a red carpet appearance or awards show. But there is something else so telling about Kristen in this pic. She looks like a woman going through some serious heartbreak.

A breakup is bad enough when it happens quietly and privately. Multiply that pain times 10 when the whole world is watching and half of them blame you for it. Though, no matter who you are -- or how nasty the split -- one thing is universal: It's hard to even get out of bed, let alone paint your face and curl your hair after a romance comes crashing to an end.  

We've all certainly been there. It's a crushing point in any person's life. It often comes after months or even years of trying to make a failing relationship work somehow. We feel so defeated, so hurt, so filled with regret. That is especially true if we have done something to muddle things up, like cheat or lie. So it's no surprise Kristen is going around fresh-faced and doesn't have the energy to keep a smile plastered on her face. Who would?

Do you think Kristen is still having a hard time with the split?

Image via Splash

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Emmie25 Emmie25

Either that or she's hung over.

Elaine Cox

blame her?...she is the one who cheated

TRaven60 TRaven60

OMG she's walking through an airport.  Have you seen the new pictures of her in Paris?  Maybe you should go check them out - oh wait you wouldn't want to ruin how you imagine she should look.

nonmember avatar SAnn

She never really looked happy before. To be honest I always felt sorry for Robert being with her. She seemed to be so damn moody all the time. Karma is a bitch and she is finally finding this out. She should never have cheated. After that it is hard to trust someone again. So good luck to Robert. I hope he finds someone upbeat and happy, and loyal. He deserves it. Kristen, you suck!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Trish

Actually, agree, just wondered about hangover thing too, BUT she is just a kid and I think should be cut some slack. Go pick on Gwyneth, a Mom who should really get herself together, instead of being a witch, an idiot and harming her family for attention then has the gall to look miserable. SHE needs to get over it (and fess up to non-marriage) and be less selfish. Kristen is young, I think she did a wrong of course but has paid price and doesn't seek out attention like some of these other celebs so again think we should leave her alone. A broken heart is a horrible thing because when you still love someone who no longer loves you it is the worst. She made a mistake, she blew it and is aware of it I think. Sad, not proper but again she is young. It's the attention seeking Mom's that are really bugging me now - putting their obsessive need for attention before their family's is sick and unnatural. So hope Kristen will learn, and not do what she did again, seeing the harm is has caused so many I do believe she realizes her vast error and won't repeat her. I am old enough to be her Mom so I feel for her honestly.

nonmember avatar azi

Kirsten you young, enjoy your life, try and not make the same mistakes as in the past, live life girl and embrace your fears and heart aches with confidence.

nonmember avatar Vinodshetty

I want to act in hollywood movies please help me i wil do any acting.......plz its my dream

nonmember avatar heidi

its her fault shes the one thay cheayed women up kristen move on :/

hexxuss hexxuss

She looks the same as anyone else I've seen in an airport.  Face it, airports aren't exactly places known for their sheer happiness.  She just looks like someone not thrilled to have their picture taken & listening to her music. *shrugs*

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