‘Bachelorette’ Liar James Case’s Attempt at Damage Control Is Pathetic

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jamesWhen Thick Neck Gaston was sent home on Monday night's Bachelorette, everyone was relieved. Put frankly: James Case was kind of the worst. Not only did his boob sweat freak everyone out, but the dude is a giant pile of contradictions. He defended his goals to meet other women after the show as "living in reality" and as "simple thoughts about the future", yet didn't give that same story to Desiree Hartsock. He told Des he would never think about dating other women. Then she cried and sent him home.

Here's the thing. James isn't wrong. He should totally be thinking about his chances about becoming the Bachelor and about how being on TV raises his stock with the ladies.

He just should've admitted that to Des. And, I'm sorry, but if she had a problem with a guy thinking about other women, he should've reminded her that she's currently DATING 11 GUYS AT ONCE.

Point is, James had one ... he just handled it like an idiot.

And now, he's on damage control. His best friend spoke to WetPaint (which you know James totally set up; you KNOW he did) and was basically like, "James is a good guy! He was there for the right reasons! It's the guys' fault for saying those things about him! He's not after fame!"

OK. So first of all, this sycophant of a friend needs to get a life, for real, and second of all, how can you give an interview to an entertainment website on behalf of your friend and say with a straight face that he's a humble guy who's not out to get famous?

James has to accept that he blew it. He blew it with Des, he blew his chances at becoming the next Bachelor, and he blew it with Bachelorette nation ... all the ladies he intended to slay after the show now aren't interested because he came across as such a douche.

Bye-bye, James. Better luck on reality TV next time! We know you'll be back.

What did you think of James?


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Barb Lange

I think he didn't do anything wrong! the rest of the guys just didn't admit to what happens --AFTER--- the last rose! life goes on!

Linda Sullivan

James was a loser. Handsome yes, but still a loser!! :(

Pearl Hannah

awe James you no longer have a job ... do I have a deal for you.... would you like to be marketing executive....

Shelley Grutchfield Reynolds Goossens

It's okay, James, you're exactly the right kind of arrogant, self-centered, fame-seeking guy they're looking for to be on the Bachelor Pad! I'm sure we haven't seen the last of you yet!!!

Thom Sullivan

this dude is a pathetic moron just like most of the guys that come on those shows are...hardly any of them are on their for the right reasons or are looking for '' true '' and he like all the others showed his true colors once his ass got kicked off as they all do in the limo or when they are on B.pad.its all about $ fame and all the girls they get to screw after they are seen on the shows...its all pretty much scripted and I don't think dez is that stupid of a girl to not know when she's being played and if she doesn't or any of the other girls on these shows then shame on them!

Kim Shearer

WOW, What a mess America is. He was thinking out loud with the guys. If I don't win, maybe I will be the next bachelor. Those thoughts are okay. The hook up with woman chat is guy talk & why is the guy that brought that up to him in the car off the hook ? James did a great job standing up for himself. He was & is a great guy. Really disappointed in the " sheep " mentality , but not surprised, have seen it all too often.
I do hope she picks Brooks. He is my pick for her since the first date.

Steven C. Dickson

He was a Mess,,, he was just a playboy... Pretty boy, that didn't know what he was doing there..???

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