Robert Pattinson's 'Mystery Woman' Reportedly NOT Kristen Stewart's Friend -- Phew!

Robert PattinsonOne second Robert Pattinson is holding hands with Kristen Stewart giving Robsten fans bundles of hope, and the next rumors recently spread like wildfire that Rob's dating her friend Riley Keough. Well here we are to help set the record straight (on at least one of those things, anyway): Rob and Riley Keough are NOT dating. In fact, her rep confirmed with Just Jared that not only are they not dating, but that photograph of Rob and a mystery redhead that everyone was thinking was her? Yup, not at all. Not. At. All.

Phew! I'm gonna be honest though -- I feel bad for Kristen. I mean, the girl supposedly wants nothing more than to be dating Robert Pattinson (or at least be just friends), and she's constantly getting slammed with this "OMG WHO IS HE DATING?!" rumors.

Can we all just lay off, for a moment?

I mean, let's be real: Did you see that photo of the girl in Rob's car? There is a 100 percent chance that the woman with the red hair coulda been Kristen Stewart, and I'm not saying that because I'm Robsten fan No. 1. I'm saying it because her profile totally looks like her!

Of course, though, the way of the world is that since Rob and Kristen aren't "official", it's gotta be some other woman. And OH! Wouldn't it be better if that other woman is someone Kristen's good friends with? Come on y'all. Give me a break.

What Kristen needs right now is not to hear one of her best friends is "dating" her boyfriend. What the two stars both need right now is time to do their own thing without having it all be scrutinized 24/7. While that's not exactly a luxury that most celebrities have, it sounds great in theory -- at least.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will end up back together?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Michale Burch Hess

Ummm....they are still together. Just because media said a "source" had said that the Robsten had brokenup...umm...source would be anyone that hates Kristen or Robert. Remember the Robsten's friends don't talk to media about Robsten's relationship. That is why I am saying they are still together. 
Last year, media tried to ruin Kristen and she came out of it. She could sue the pants off those reporters. And she should but it might cause more hardship on her and Robert. 
Kristen and Robert hates the media because of what the media has and is doing to them. I don't blame them.


Michele DeLuca Smith

Who cares what Kristen needs...give me a break...they are over, bubble is popped, move on


Barbara Coleman

Rob has not been seen with her, so they must not be together. I f you love someone ,you want to be seen with them sometimes. Forget the reporters, go out and have some fun every once in awhile, but nothing's there on the home front. Good for you Rob, stay away from trouble and hurt !!!!!!!!!! you will be better off. Love U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Lotte

One day .. yes! Absolutely ..

Michelle Wild

Leave them both alone, I don't particularly like kristen but FFs ain't people got anythink more important to think about than these two... I love rob and adore him but even I don't give toddle who he is dating, he will date who ever he wants, he's a single man ,young and living it up.... Jesus

Annie Kirk

thay shoulde 


Carol Canonico

yes I really think they'll end up together & married

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