Farrah Abraham's Rehab Behavior Reveals She's Addicted to More Than Booze

farrah abraham selfie instagramIf we thought Farrah Abraham was going to off herself to Florida's Lukens Institute and in the blink of an eye morph into a mature, upstanding, low-key kinda lady, we were sadly mistaken. And, let's be honest, pretty foolish and maybe a bit delusional. Because it's clear that though she may be focused on fighting alcohol addiction (though I'm even skeptical about that), girl is not growing up and out of this fame-whoring phase anytime soon ...

Need proof? Farrah's been tweeting from rehab. No joke.

Just one day after checking in, she tweeted: "Missing my Boo Boo, but happy to get treatment in a great place :) #GoodTimesAhead."

Okay, of all the ridiculous, attention-seeking garbage that Farrah has said and done so far, this is nothing, and it's actually kinda sweet that she's supposedly missing her daughter Sophia. However, why the hell is she even on Twitter while in rehab? Lukens is pretty reputable. Why are they allowing her to tweet? Spending time cruising social networks and interacting with her followers doesn't exactly sound conducive to focusing on her supposed issues and healing.

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Still, it's not like we should be surprised. I wouldn't be shocked to learn the whole rehab thing is just a publicity stunt, a play for headlines, the next chapter of this reality fame monster's self-scripted, "look at me" drama. Forget alcohol. It looks like Farrah needs to get treatment for her extreme case of megalomania.

Are you shocked Farrah's tweeting from rehab? Do you think she's really there to tackle alcohol addiction?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar nelly

THIS chick is such a freak!!! i love it, she really doesnt know how dumb she is which makes it that much more funny!!! And sorry Sophia it still looks like you have a catpillar over your eyes :(

Jacobet Jacobet

I used to like her the most and feel the most sorry for her. Sorry this rehab thing is totally for publicity. And other than on Cafe Mom I don't hear much about her in the other news I ready. Hopefully soon Cafe Mom and all other sites will stop talking about her so she can go away soon. She is giving us Iowa girls a bad name!

Jacobet Jacobet

I meant to say read not ready oops

nonmember avatar NELLY


nonmember avatar kaerae

Alcohol is not her problem. She has a personality disorder and a gross inability to recognize reality or function in the world. She needs long-term, intensive counseling, not a few weeks in rehab.

nonmember avatar jane

This woman needs mental help not just help with substance abuse issues. Her mental health has been deteriorating for quite some time. Too bad her parents are just involved with her for the porn money she makes. A total mental case not safe for her daughter the daughter needs a safe caregiver not this dangerous mental case.

hexxuss hexxuss

Rehab can't fix the kind of things wrong with this girl (I will NOT call her a 'woman')... *smh*

nonmember avatar Liv

She continues to be such a fame monster because people like you can't stop posting about her. Enough already. I'm choking on all the Teen Mom BS on this site.

Connie Stroud Meidinger

Not shocked she is in rehab. She wants all the attention she can get. She is a drama queen. The only person I feel sorry for is Sophia.

Spooky80 Spooky80

Farrah is a train wreck waiting to happen....

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