Farrah Abraham Claims She's Not a 'Porn Star' or a 'Bad Mom'

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Farrah AbrahamTo say that Farrah Abraham has been absolutely crucified by the media lately, well, that's an understatement. To be fair -- that'll happen when you do ridiculous things like waxing your 3-year-old's eyebrows, driving while under the influence, and filming a sex tape that was supposed to be private and then selling it for $$$. In an effort to defend herself, the Backdoor star reached out to Top 5 online to address common misconceptions she sees the media making about her life. I'm gonna be honest, they're pretty ... hilarious.

Prepare for a good laugh. Check out the top 5 misconceptions about Farrah Abraham according to ... Farrah Abraham:

Misconception No. 1: She's a bad mother.
Okay, so I can understand how this one would really really bother her. The thing is, though, that it depends what your definition of "bad" is. While it seems that she's super close with daughter Sophia, I'd have to say that Farrah's not exactly setting the best examples for her lately. Abraham's trip to rehab is a step in the right direction, though.

Misconception No. 2: She's a porn star.
She says that since she only made one video, it doesn't make her a porn star. Ehhhhh, I'm gonna disagree here. You sold the video. You made money off of it. Sounds pretty much 100 percent like something a porn star would do.

Misconception No. 3: Her parents are close to her.
This one hurts a little bit. I wouldn't doubt that her poor relationship with her parents is the reason she's acted out so much. That, and the thirst for media attention.

Misconception No. 4: She makes up stories for tabloids.
Do I think Farrah is the one making up stories? No. But I don't think she needed to buy that pregnancy test and I'm pretty sure she's living her life FOR the tabloids right now. Girl loves the attention, and it's starting to feel like she doesn't care if it's positive or negative anymore.

Misconception No. 5: She's mean.
I genuinely don't think Farrah is mean, I think she's just unaware ... most of the time. These graphic things she said about Charlie Sheen -- definitely mean. I guess that's what happens when someone calls you a "guzzler of stagnant douche agua."

Do you think these misconceptions are true? What is your perception of Farrah?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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Worki... WorkingMom8479

When can CafeMom stop talking about Farrah Abraham? She is boring, washed up and attention-seeking... old news. 

nonmember avatar J

James Dean, the PAID PORN STAR, was her boyfriend now? Did she pay him to be her boyfriend and then they made the video or did she just pay him to make the video? She keeps throwing herself under the bus with all the dilusional stories. She hasn't said the same 'truth' twice yet.

nonmember avatar mel

Whenever I watched her teen mom show... I always thought she must really be pathetic and I truly felt sorry for her. She didn't seem to be a very happy person in general. Then her segments on the show always made it seem like she was kind of an outcast. No one seemed to want to be good friends with her and she would just find random people who didnt know her well. She has always seemed awkward, which I always thought was weird. She was very pretty pre surgery ... and I thought because of that shed have more friends or a better attitude. But looks aren't everything and she's learning that in a hard way. I think she knows she's unlikeable she just can't admit anything to anyone.

Sara Servalis


Comedian, 'Deep Space', ANNIHILATES Farrah Abraham's Sloppy Vagina



nonmember avatar Ashley

I thinks shes a complete media whore! Silly girl, shes younger than me, and ive done bad, but not that bad. Just cause it pays money does not mean its worth doing.. duh get a clue!

Her media antics are flying off the board. I agree with Mr. SHEEN!

#winning #always

Meghan Parsley

she tells the world that she paid him, go to Youtube and watch the Dr Phil show with her on it. EXPLAINING that she paid him thought that he would not supposedly "leak" the video. Her story is changing left to right. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DAUGHTER

Marina Luhn-Pharr

I think people need to leave farrah anlone cause everyvody makes mistakes and no one is perfect. before they jusge her they need to think of the bad things done your crazy if you guys think you are perfect get a reality check. she made her mistakes and she is learning from them and she is a great mom. so stop being ignorant people and stop being a bully

nonmember avatar johnie

She is a mean and hateful person. i live in council bluffs as well. she pushed EVERYONE including her parents away. dont pity her

nonmember avatar karimarie

mistakes sure...but cmon she obviously isnt learning from it sounds like she keeps lying constantly and what in the world is a LITTLE GIRL MAKING PORNOS FOR....WHAT MOTHER PAYS FOR HER TEENAGE CHILD TO GET IMPLANTS...and yet expect her to truly focus on her kid or grow up with right morals....look at how farrah was raised i bet it has alot to do with her choices

nonmember avatar karimarie

not defending her nasty self one bit but i think her mom also needs to take some responsability for yhe way her kid turned out......jus sayin

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