‘True Blood’ Season 6 Sucks but Here’s Why We Can’t Stop Watching

True blood season 6Watching True Blood season 6 has been, er, well, hmmm, how does one put this politely ... kinda boring. I've been watching the series since the beginning, fascinated by the characters, their love stories, their abilities, the fact that most of them seem to be good "people" thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Now I feel like the show's getting a tad, shall we say, ho-hum?

Kind of hard to describe it that way, seeing as there's still plenty of violence, blood, sexual tension, and many of the main characters have yet to be killed off. But what's missing, folks? Something's missing, right? Please tell me that you feel this way too.

I know, I know, instead of complaining, I could easily just turn off the TV and stop watching. Buuuuuuut ... (where's that damn soapbox?)

I feel the same way about True Blood as I did about Lost. There are shows that you watch that you just know you're going to stick with until the bitter end. Call it some sort of sick fascination, but I don't care how bad it gets -- I want to know how the story concludes. I just have to know, people.

The best part about the show in the first few seasons was all that crazy sexual tension between Bill, Sookie, and Eric (in my opinion, at least). Watching Sookie and Bill initially hook up was as exciting as any first few weeks in a new relationship. Then hottie Eric comes along and it's all, who will she pick? HOW will she pick? DAMN Eric is HOT. It's the triangle-love shit women just can't seem to get enough of (ahem Edward-Bella-Jacob/Peeta-Katniss-Gale).

Now, in season 6, that storyline has pretty much disappeared, with Bill becoming "god" and saying Sookie's all "dead" to him; Eric on a new mission with the governor's daughter; Sookie in danger with Warlow and perhaps getting it on with another faerie (or is it fairy?); Jason losing his mind and acting incredibly inept; and show producers just too damn scared to kill anyone off -- no, annoying Luna doesn't count. Everyone's so disconnected, not to mention the other subplots with Sam and Alcide. Instead of focusing on the main, likable characters, this supernatural world and story are just getting too big for them. Season 5 was pretty terrible (religious vampire cult, come on!) and it doesn't look like season 6 is making up for it.

But like I said, sometimes you just gotta stay with a show until it's over. Those who loved The Sopranos simply knew they were going to watch until the very last episode. Those who were enthralled with Lost the first season had to suffer through season 6 and endure an extremely disappointing end (for many). I nearly broke my neck nodding along to this video. But then you think of an episode like "The Constant" -- as powerful an episode as Cedric dying -- and it kind of sort of makes everything worth it? Maybe? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. That series finale for Lost was truly awful.

So, True Blood, you haven't lost me yet, but you're pretty damn close (at least I can fast-forward through the more drawn out parts). Ah, first world problems. How it all ends is anyone's guess, but I can only hope that they get back some of the magic they had during those first few seasons.

What have you thought about True Blood season 6 so far? Will you watch until the bitter end?


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nonmember avatar Beka

Could not agree more. I keep saying "if this season sucks as bad as last... I give up."

mompam mompam

I agree. I won't stop watching though.

nonmember avatar Traci

Absolutely! True Blood has become rather comical and has a charm all it's own. Even as silly as it is.. it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than twilight ever dreamed of being! Billith in all his glory .. it's just down right silly. Gotta love it!

Diane Hower Capkovic

It's absolutely awesome.  The best things are: more Eric, closer to the books, and I haven't written one rant this season.  I am not finding it boring at all. 

Lee Jolly

Yes, it's getting a bit big for it's britches. But, regardless, unless they kill off Northman, I am so there!

TerryAnn Nostrand

I found nothing wrong thus far! I think it's a hell of a lot better than last year's!


lulou lulou

I havent read the books, and sense that Ben is up to no good.  And did anyone else wonder what they were talking about when he and Sookie said they're first encounter ended on bad terms.  I didnt remember that at all, and I watch like 3 episodes in a row.

nonmember avatar shandeigh

My only complaint is that Eric has been wearing too many clothes.

nonmember avatar Lex

Disagree! Loving this season so much more than last!

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

I love how it's the STIR, the most unreliable, and poorly written page out there, that put's up a complaint about a show. I find this season pretty good so far. If you don't like it quit watching it and complaining. I really wish I could get this page to go away but I delete it and it comes back. Guess every moron needs a job, I'm assuming they all go the the STIR for employment when they fail out of English 101 in college.

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