Jiah Khan's Controversial Suicide Letters Continue to Raise Questions

Jiah KhanBollywood actress Jiah Khan's suicide continues to make headlines, which is sadly unsurprising given the chain of events that have happened so far. On June 3 Khan was found hanged in her Mumbai home, and a week later, her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi was arrested on suspicion of abetting her death. A six-page suicide note allegedly written by Khan was released to the public by her mother, and then a storm of controversy erupted in the media over the authenticity of the note, with some suggesting that the handwriting didn't match Khan's.

The latest is that Khan's boyfriend Pancholi has been granted bail, three long weeks after his arrest. The Bombay High Court currently says that Pancholi is NOT responsible for Khan's death -- and furthermore, the note Khan left may not have even been intended as a final suicide letter.

Pancholi was granted bail on Monday after the court ruled that he "cannot be held solely responsible" for Khan's suicide. According to Justice Sadhna Jadhav,

No doubt it was unfortunate that a young girl has committed suicide. She (Jiah) must have been impulsive and he (Suraj) cannot be held solely responsible for it. (...) She was in the relationship on her own volition. It all depends on the psyche of the person. It cannot be ignored that Jiah had suicidal tendencies.

The court noted that Khan had made a previous suicide attempt, after which Pancholi took care of her. Other revelations that came out in court: Khan was very possessive of Pancholi and jealous that he spent more time on his career than on their relationship, and there was a "misunderstanding" between Khan and Pancholi on the night of her death that caused her to be in "a rage of fury."

Also, the court stated that the letters, which were recovered from Khan's house, can not be interpreted as a suicide note:

The question is if the script recovered from the deceased's house is addressed to the applicant [Pancholi], or is it just extracts from her diary? Whether it can be called a suicide note at all? When there is no date on it can it be linked to the day she committed suicide? ... Therefore it cannot be said that the emotions expressed in the letter ever reached the applicant.

That's interesting, I never thought about the question of how a suicide note can technically be defined as such. Certainly when you read the text that Khan's mother released to the public, it SOUNDS like a final goodbye. Here are the last few lines:

I leave this place with nothing but broken dreams and empty promises. All I want now is to go to sleep and never wake up again. I am nothing. I had everything. I felt so alone even while with you. You made me feel alone and vulnerable. I am so much more than this.

Then again, who's to say Khan didn't write that as part of her own journaling efforts? Is there really any way to know if those words were specifically meant to be read by others after her death, if they were, as reported, found hidden in her personal items?

As any rate, it's yet another twist in a sad case that sounds more and more like a story straight out of the movies.

What do you think of the latest with Jiah Khan? Do you think it's right for the court to rule that her note shouldn't be interpreted as a suicide letter?

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Trina_ Trina_

I don't believe Jiah's ex, Pancholi was responsibly for her death, Jiah is, BUT I believe he emotionally abused her (and physically? not sure) and had a hand in her demise which should be acknowledged. Its pretty clear that its a suicide note as she basically says goodbye in the letter and the "applicant" is clearly her boyfriend in the letter (who else would she be talking about? Last time I checked she was only dating one guy at the time of her death). It seems like the court favored Pancholi for an unknown reason and set him free without any logical, realistic response, perhaps his family has connections to the local government that helped him gain this preferential treatment.  


This reminds me of the movie Leave Her to Heaven:Possessive and jealous. I'll cut off my nose to spite my face,but,you'll be the one sorry.Those were her demons,not others.Maybe she can rest now.


Maias... MaiasMommy619

I think he played a big role in her suicide. His family is very powerful in India..so they want him to look innocent.

nonmember avatar Nmins

I am sure the judge and other police officers got paid big amount of money by the Pancholi"s family !!! Oh def!! Who want to take their "own" life , why do some people even think about taking their own life , that's because a guy like her boy friend who is abusive , disrespect and all can make someone to do such an act . I don't understand why he got bail ???? There should be justice for Jush "s family !!!

So what if the letter didn't have a date , may be she forgot to put a date :/ her words are clearly indicates that it is a suicidal note . Suicide note has no tail , it can be in two words or one word or paragraphs ... We should ask the judge to teach us how to write a Suicide note . I feel bad for People like Rabiya Khan , India needs to amend its laws about such incident ..

Tris An

i dont think it's Sooraj Pancholies fault that Jiah khan is no more.. she ended her life under depression/rage/anger/ what ever reason.. but another person specially Suraj cant be and shouldn't be blamed for jiahs irrational impulsive act. I am glad that court took this decession of approving Soorajs bail..as i too think its not at all his fault that Jiah is no more. she needed counseling for depression or what ever psychological illness /trauma she was dealing with and her family /friends support..and maybe she might have been alive even today.

nonmember avatar HLANGL

At least the judge should have warned the accused and made a more emphatic statement before granting him bail. Expecting all the formalities such as a signature & a date in every suicide note is quite funny to say the least, can you expect such formalities as prerequisites from someone disturbed to the extent of contemplating suicide in a few minutes or even in a few days ?. Also regarding the fact that whether this is a suicide letter written just before the act of committing suicide or a diary note written over a few days before the suicide, should you really care ?. What difference does it make ?. Shouldn't the content matter more than all these formalities ?. It's true that some people find it difficult, or rather reluctant, to look at the situation by putting themselves in other person's shoes. To me, the contents do matter more than all these formalities. It's quite obvious that this note reveals some frustration and its contents are related to the accused, if anyone bothers to go through it in detail. Also the communication took placed during the final 1-2 hours before the suicide is still unknown, no one still knows what had taken place during these final moments. Not sure if the judge had at least bothered to analyze the full picture in this case, seems like not.

nonmember avatar HLANGL

The expectation by this judge to have formalities like signature and date in every suicide note is a testimony that even some of the judges lack these empathetic qualities. It's true that the constant rejection coming from all parties may have had their fair share in this final outcome, so the accused may not be solely responsible, true, still he had quite obviously played a vital part in putting the final nail on the coffin of this already disturbed life. Despite the promising start in 2007, she was not given a firm foothold in the industry for no valid reason, during her final years she had been desperately seeking for some decent opportunities, still no director had bothered casting her in an industry where even many much lesser skilled ones are getting the opportunities in abundance. Not to forget the fact that her troubled upbringing may have haunted her throughout thus worsening the sense of insecurity at times. The personal issues may have put the final nail on the coffin in the end. The people around her should have to take the blame for no handling her with more understanding.

nonmember avatar HLANGL

The constant rejection coming from all direction can kill someone from within, especially someone whose roots had not been that secure. No feeling would be worse than the feeling that you're wanted by none when you need their help most. It's true that the accused may not be solely responsible for the frustration which may have been developed in her mind over a period of time due to these many factors, but the fact that his behavior put the final nail on the coffin of this already troubled life cannot be denied. So, at least, he should have been more emphatically warned before granting bail. Instead the judge had only admired him, how funny!.

nonmember avatar Imran

It is not good that indian judge give bail to puncholi .i think it is a great deal with puncholi . From this report i think indai has no any justice for muslims i hate india

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