‘RHOC’s Tamra Barney Needs to Dump Gretchen & Get Back With Vicki

tamraTamra Barney is pissed. The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member is none too pleased with her alleged best friend's lies. On Monday's episode, Gretchen Rossi made it seem like she gave up an opportunity to star on some show she called Big Country to be there for Tamra as she shopped for wedding dresses, but the truth is, a) the show is called Malibu Country, and b) it was just an open casting call that tons of reality stars were invited to.

What's with all the lies, Gretch?

It's not like Gretchen turned down the chance to star in her own sitcom ... she basically turned down the chance to stand in line all day with other D-listers then read some words in front of a bored, disgruntled director who can't tell one blonde from the next.

Tamra wrote in her Bravo blog:

Honestly, it breaks my heart that she would lie to me after I had just opened up to her. But what hurt me even worse is her text to me two days after dress shopping. Basically, she texted me to tell me what a great friend she was to give up her first role on a sitcom to spend that important day with me.

Is it possible that Tamra's starting to see Gretchen for who she really is? Ms. Rossi can be kinda funny and nice and all, but deep down, she's a malignant narcissist who has to make everything about HER. It's not shocking at all that Tamra's dress shopping turned into a cheer-fest for Gretchen's supposed loyalty.

Even though Vicki's kind of the same way, at least she and Tamra have a lot of fun together. Vicki's got a whole host of crippling issues, but I do think at her core, she's a sweet human being. Gretchen? Eh, not so much.

Tamra should dump Gretchen and get back together with Vicki. At this point, it's the lesser of two evils, and she should take what she can get.

What did you think of Gretchen's lies?


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Norma J Brill

  calling Gretchen a liar and Vickie not get real. Vickie needs to GOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!!!!1

nonmember avatar Cindy Somervill

Tired of everyone jumping on the bash Gretchen bandwagon!! Vicki? You got to be kidding me!!! She talks more trash than most of them!!

Anna Maria

Gretchen is the epitome of the word FRIENEMY. She can't help but be in competition with her girlfriends. Go back to the first season when everyone was going hat shoppinig to go to the racetrack. Tamra said she needed a hot pink hat to go with her dress and what did Gretchen do? Buy every last pink hat there and ended up not even wearing any of them. When Tamra said she wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle, she made sure Jeff got her one. When Lynn said she wanted to start a handbag collection, and took Gretchen there with her to the meetings, guess who decided to start a handbag line, using the people Lynn introduced her to. So her wearing Jeff;s huge diamond ring to Tamra's dress shopping day, is no big surprise. She always has to be the center of attention. I used to be such a big fan of hers, but I have grown so sick of her the past two seasons.


Pam Johnson

feel sorry for Gretchen in a way and vickie is the one that is a liar

nonmember avatar Barbara Adams

You are delusional what are you smoking or swallowing? Tamra basically a good person? I remember her response to Slade waayyyy back, when he asked T why was she making friends with G. Tamra said 'just watch'. ! T is one mean delusional foul mouth B----. I'm sick of all of them. Andy is giving the world a view of just how mean and greedy some women can be. Wise up girls you're your own best freindamies. Is this really how you want to be remembered for?

Jeanne Berger Jusevic

Seriously, what was shown on last night's episode was Gretchen saying good bye and saying she has a speaking engagement. That is all we actually saw.

nonmember avatar Prettypinkie

WOW !! Is Gretchen not for real , I did really like her I really did "But now I'm Questioning me as I sit to watch the show, Hay I look at it like this I now the Show is very much FAKE an that's the bottom line so I just lmao very much so at all of them ....(:

Joanne Hester

Alexis doesn't have to be concerned about being called fake, because it looks like there are many fake people on the show who love pretend friendships.

nonmember avatar sm

"Gretchen made it seem like..."? What show were you watching? All we say were other people talking about what Gretchen supposedly said. If you look at Heather's own blog even she admits that what she said on the show wasn't even correct. On the show she made it sound like the people from the show had never even heard of Gretchen. In her blog, it's clear they had invited Gretchen to at least read for something on the SAME DAY as the dress fitting. Had the ladies at the dinner known this they may not have been so quick to assume Gretchen was lying. Shame on you for reporting the "facts" incorrectly. Who is the liarface now?

Donna Angelillo

I think she should dump both of them and stick with Heather!

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