'Princesses: Long Island' Star Disrespects 9/11 Memorial by Pouring Beer All Over It

Amanda BertonciniPrincesses: Long Island would never be accused of being a subtle show. The over-the-top antics of these pampered Jewish ladies who are in their late 20s and still living with their parents are often obnoxious and rude, but cast member Amanda Bertoncini has taken it to a new level.

During a photo shoot for her business venture (colorful beer covers), Bertoncini encouraged a friend to pour beer sexily into the mouth of a statue. Unfortunately, the statue was actually a memorial to a fallen firefighter -- 29-year-old Jonathan Ielpi -- who lost his life on 9/11. The insensitivity is truly beyond imagining.

Ielpi’s father, Lee, also a firefighter, was horrified by the clip. He told the New York Daily News:

"It was a slap to the people of Great Neck. It was a slap to the fire department of Great Neck and it was a slap to all of the people that were lost on 9/11."

He's right. If it were our founding fathers, I would say the same thing. But it wasn't. It was even more recent than that. This young man only died 12 years ago and she can't even remember it well enough to respect it?

You don't ignore history and disrespect any monument, but this man has living relatives who have to see that. Truly, it's despicable, especially for a show that is already so over the line into offensive territory.

Bravo has since pulled the clips and won't be airing them. Bertoncini herself has apologized, saying she never meant to hurt anyone and didn't know the "sentimental value" of the statue.

Still, the larger issue is the show's utter tone deafness to almost everything. The stereotypes these women embody are deep ones that feed anti-semitism and make a mockery of young Jewish women. Their lack of intellect, clear disregard for history, and economic dependence on their parents long past the point where it's appropriate are truly nauseating. And now, it only gets worse.

This show is a joke. Take it off the air.

Do you think this show is hugely offensive?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I agree! I can personally attest that life on Long Island for Jewish women is NOTHING LIKE THIS SHOW. This show is disgusting and I was in complete disbelief that any Bravo execs thought that this would be a good premise for a new series. Fingers crossed it gets canceled!

nonmember avatar deena

what does her being jewish have to do with any of this? you would never say "pampered christian lady".

hexxuss hexxuss

I think most shows like this (1/2 scripted) are a joke... hope they cancel it!)  little "princess" should get charged with vandalism & defacing public property.... something....

nonmember avatar natalie

In reply to deena, the show focuses on specifically Jewish women and their unique lifestyles, so the author of this article is right in pointing that out. As for the women and this show, it's quite upsetting that people like Ms. Bertoncini are the ones with television shows glorifying this behavior. While I did gain insight into the culture of Long Island and the people that inhabit it through watching this show, I think that could've been done in ways other than spotlighting the ignorant and insensitive.

Lisa Stitzel Brown

I don't understand why people like to watch some garbage.  Reality tv needs to go away now, it only encourages bad behavior for ratings .

Debra Nicolich Rennie

"While I did gain insight into the culture of Long Island and the people that inhabit it through watching this show" Natalie.. PLEASE you gained ABSOLUTELY NO INSIGHT about Long Island from watching these mindless, pampered brats!

nonmember avatar Zuri

Please, take this piece of trash off the air. I live in Queens (an outer borough of NYC that is on LI), and this show is literally embarrassing to me. It doesn't surprise that one of these stupid girls would do something like this- she probably doesn't even know what 9/11 was! This doesn't deserve to be on TV. I, and a whole bunch of other people, want it GONE.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I was raised in Great Neck and I can tell you that there were ALOT of girls like this in my town, they all thought they were princesses driving Mercedes and BMW's for there very first cars. But they weren't only Jewish girls doing this. This town is filled mostly with superficial people who are materialistic and think everything is about money, who cares about morals when you have a Porsche. I think they should cancel this garbage, not because of how these woman act because all the housewife shows are they same exact thing, a show we all watch but don't want to admit it. Face it, woman love drama but because of how they disrespected Jonathan's statue.

nonmember avatar JEAN

Over 5,000 people died on 9/11 out of that there were a couple of hundred firefighters and policemen (men and women). A girl who would disrespect the people including firefighter's and policemen and women, should just leave our country and live in a country that if you did this you would go to jail for a very long time. They bring disrespect to themselves, their families and their friends, if they have any. I know if I had a friend who would disrespect any memorial that was to Honor Men and Women who lost their lives for our country, would not be my friend any longer, and I would disrespect her when ever I can, and so should anybody who knows her.

Michael Kadamus

I think she should have her ass kicked all over the state of New York and then tossed in the hudson river

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