Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Postponed Wedding Probably Means It's Over

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciHa! I knew they were never going to last! Reportedly Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have postponed their wedding, which can only mean one thing, right?

Duh. It's SO over, you guys. And it's not like they've pushed it back until this coming fall or winter, which wouldn't send up any red flags about their relationship. Nope. Supposedly it's not going to happen until 2014 -- which means these two have at least another five months or more to go until they can finally seal the deal and consummate their relationship.

OMG. Don't you see what I'm getting at?

If they really planned on spending the rest of their lives together, don't you think they'd be rushing to the altar as soon as possible so they can hurry up and have sex already? Why wait until next year to get it on if they know they're going to be together forever? I'm not buying the whole "they need time to chill out and relax" excuse. (They're dunso.)

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See, something just doesn't add up, here. When Sean and Catherine first got engaged, they said they were going to tie the knot in a matter of a few months. And then they stretched it out to sometime after summer was over. And now it's pushed back to 2014, which means it's only a matter of time before they announce their devastating breakup -- like pretty much every other Bachelor and Bachelorette couple have after the initial newly engaged euphoria fades.

They probably already have a gut feeling that their relationship is not going to last for the long haul. I'm guessing they're hanging on for a bit longer "just to make sure," and also because they're loving their newfound fame and aren't ready to pull the plug on the perks of being an engaged reality TV couple quite yet.

Maybe they'll prove me wrong, but I'm going to go ahead and predict that somewhere around Christmas time, we'll hear the standard, "we tried everything we could to make it work but it's just not meant to be" statement along with a photo of them in happier times plastered on the cover of an entertainment magazine.

The countdown is on.

Do you think it's a bad sign that Catherine and Sean postponed their wedding?


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since... sincerelyjessxo

This is a ridiculous amount of speculation. Maybe they want to get to know each other very well before they get married. Some couples are engaged for years. Maybe they want to live some what normally before they make that decision or what if there is problems planning the wedding. I mean really give them a break and stop jumping to insane conclusions

Dania Elisse

Mary how old are you 6? she's like sooo happy to hear not so great news about them grow the fuck up and leave them alone! how can they postponed the wedding when they NEVER gave us a date? Ashley and JP waited a year and a half to get married what's the rush? i'm glad they're taking their time! the're such a sweet couple i don't know why you hate them so much! you need to leave them alone seriously!

Jody Stewart

let them do what they want, who really cares anymore. It was interesting to watch and see who he picks, . if they want to get married now or later.. Gives us more time to watch what we want to on television. For didnt they say that wanted it broadcasted on tv, since that is where they met?

LaLa M. Kaminski

Getting married is a serious thing,it shouldn't happen just to get married! Just because thy're waiting doesn't mean that they brokeup or will!

nonmember avatar sarah

Sean is a gay boy. What red blooded male waits until they're married to have sex in this day and age? Really?

nonmember avatar Kathy

Mary, or whatever your real name is, stop being a laughingstock. Anyone who uses tabloids as a basis for their blog is a fool. All you do is repeat the going tabloid story for the day. Do your own homework. As we speak, SeanCat are on their way to Dallas. They have another trip planned to Seattle. And they have a tropical vacation planned later this summer. They're enjoying themselves. They've only really been together since March and a lot of that was with Sean trying to dance on DWTS. They don't need to prove anything to any of us, including the fools like yourself who write trash for a living. I think they are a nice young couple who are enjoying themselves and each other. Nothing at all wrong with that.

Linda Baker

Sarah....a good Christian with biblical values waits because your body is a temple and not to be shared out of lust. Loving and obeying God does NOT mean you are Gay.  Get over yourself.

And them waiting is a very smart thing.  They want to develop their relationship OFF camera so waiting and enjoying life are much more important than jumping in bed with each other.  That just invites the Karma Fairy to mess everything up.  Chill out everyone!!!!

nonmember avatar Me

A true Christian just doesn't live together sex or no sex!! Ashley & JP had never mentioned about getting married soon. They've always said they wanted to get to know each other FIRST. Both Sean & Catherine said there's no point of waiting.

Annabelle Abella

hopefully break up will not be happen!!!

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