7 Reasons ‘RHONJ’s Cousin Rosie Should Become an Honorary Housewife

cousin rosieWhen it comes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, everyone loves to dish about Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. But there is a new Queen B in town. That would be cousin Rosie Pierri. She is the sister of cast member Kathy Wilkie, and to say she has a big personality is an understatement. If we had our way, she would be a show regular and here's why:

  1. She isn't afraid to go toe to toe with her cousin Teresa.
  2. She's a straight shooter. If you are acting like an idiot, you are gonna hear about.
  3. She's more complex than she seems. It seems like she has a big mouth, but there are some things even Rosie was afraid to say. Admitting she was gay was not easy for her. For years she hid who she was, finally coming out to her traditional Italian family in her 30s. The cameras rolled as she bravely came out to her niece and nephew. It was clear that she was worried about how they would react and whether it would change her relationship with them.
  4. She has a real job. She's a senior project manager for a furniture manufacturing company.
  5. She will defend you to the death. This is obvious every time Teresa goes after her sister Kathie. It's like unleashing a hurricane. 
  6. She can't let anything roll off her back. Piss her off and get ready for the fireworks.
  7. She knows the value of making peace. Her mother and uncle (Teresa's father) have been feuding for years. As they get older and more sickly, Rosie is intent on getting them back on good terms. She doesn't want the family to have regrets if one of them suddenly passes away. She's also trying to broker a truce between Teresa and Melissa. Good luck with that one!

What other reasons would Cousin Rosie make a great Real Housewife?

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Trina_ Trina_

I disagree completely. Rosie is a good side character, and yes she makes me laugh at times but she doesn't fit in and she is too out of control. She is always screaming for no reason and a little too rough for the housewives franchise. Frankly, its embarrassing to watch.

nonmember avatar Cathy Jarvis

She finally admitted she was gay after how many years? Is her family headless? She is a vile-foul-mouthed-loud-obnoxious person who appears to fit right in with this ridiculous group of people.

nonmember avatar Teri

She is up front. That is good. The show should bring her on. Need to have real people on it. Not the one that is more unreal and can't stand the truth. I think everyone know who it is.

nonmember avatar Selena

I like Rosie. I can't believe people are saying she is loud and mean. She tells it like it is. Now Teresa, She is loud, spiteful, jealous, two-faced and has no idea how to be a role model for her girls. Stop that back talk and teach them respect and manners. For Goodness sake get a back bone with your husband Joe. Everyone sees he is a "tool" but you.

Wendy Aleman

Ok, I thought the whole idea of the franchise was to make people envy these women.  Look, I don't but I thought we were supposed to think that they had luxurious lives and they were so amazing.  Rosie came out at 30, I applaud her for that.  She is honest, I like that.  I would love to hang out with her and have a few drinks - she would be a great friend but I don't think she fits with the Housewife- Swag...

nonmember avatar Marcella

He'll to the yeah!

Patty Ford Tournear

Love me some Rosie. I don't think she should be a housewife though because I don't think that is her style. She is fine where she is. She is my fave.

Ekaterina Rotz

lol I do not think Rosie can be any ones wife

Reali... Realityaddict

I do think she is great....she gets a bit out of control but not really as much as creepy Teresa.  She at least has some common sense and I think they need someone who is not afraid to speak up and tell these people they are out of line.  GO TEAM ROSIE!

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