New '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer Makes This Hot Star Look Like the Obvious Choice to Play Christian (VIDEO)

garrett hedlundAnother day, another opportunity to start another post with: another day, another Fifty Shades of Grey movie rumor. Today's Christian Grey hopeful is Garrett Hedlund. The gorgeous actor has appeared in Friday Night Lights (the movie), On the Road, and Tron, and some rabid fans out there are clamoring for him to star in the sexy movie slated for release on August 1, 2014. And once you see Hedlund in this fan-made trailer, you might start clamoring, too.



Best thing about Garrett is the kid can handle anything. I mean, once you've starred with Lindsay Lohan (any Georgia Strong fans out there?), you can persevere through almost anything on set, including the inevitable sex scenes that will be filmed in front of 50 people.

Garrett's got our vote.

What do you think?


Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty

fifty shades of grey


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Desirae8 Desirae8

I didn't even think of him! He's sexy :-)


nonmember avatar sara


nonmember avatar Anna armijo

Not a good choice.. Anastasia Steele is described as a young woman in her 20s slim build, not really curvy like the girl in the trailer , Ana is young and innocent looking this girl looks older .. Ana should be played by a younger actress like Selina Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens and the guy that portrays Christian is NOTHot! Enough I think David Beckham with grey contacts would be Perfect !

nonmember avatar tera

Ohhh myyyyy....

nonmember avatar K

He's not only beautiful but he can really act. David B... Is that a choke?
Garret Hedlund would be perfect.

nonmember avatar Amber

Georgia Strong with Lindsay Lohan????? I recall COUNTRY Strong with GWYNETH PALTROW....would not have thought of placing him in the Christian Grey role but he is a cutie

Doryan Jarrell-Flathau

This guy does not work for me at all as Christian. I'm not feeling the right vibe. 

nonmember avatar Danielle

He is handsome, but he is no Grey. My vote is for Matt Bomer, or Ian somerhalder. They would be perfect and I would be perfectly happy with either.

Kaitlyn Murray

Nope. Not dark enough. Not handsome enough. Not "Christian" enough. This role NEEDS to go to Ian Somerhalder

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