Paris Jackson ‘Rejected’ By Rehab a Month After Her Suicide Attempt


paris jacksonParis Jackson can't catch a break. Nearly a month after her suicide attempt, the emotionally fragile teen has suffered an unexpected setback. Still recouping at the UCLA Medical Center, she was rejected from the rehab facility she was hoping to be transferred to.

It's apparent to those close to Paris that she needs more help to make sure she doesn't try to take her life again. And sources tell TMZ that her mom Debbie Rowe has researched various rehabilitation programs that specialize in adolescent patients. She settled on one in particular in Utah. However, when they put in the request for the teen to be sent there, it was flat-out denied. The reason? They don't want a horde of paparazzi coming around snapping photos of Paris and inadvertently getting other patients too.

It's just another way this poor child has become a victim of her father's fame. Feeling lost and alone since his death in 2009, she was thrust into the spotlight he so carefully had shielded his children from. Now front and center on entertainment shows, at concerts, on social networking sites, Jackson's kids are doing the last thing he would want. And though they have fame and money, those perks clearly did little to bring Paris any peace and now it's keeping her from getting the help she needs.

Honestly, it’s so sad that this facility would deny her. Especially when you consider that someone like Lindsay Lohan has had her pick of rehabs, even hopping from one to another within a single day. Though, I do understand their trepidation. They can't risk the well-being and privacy of their other patients for just one. I only hope Paris finds some place for treatment and finally gets the help she needs.

Do you think this rehab facility was right to turn Paris away?


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nonmember avatar Cass

Jeez, there really should be a law about parental consent required for paparazzi to sell pictures of underage kids. She's a celebrity because of her father- give the poor girl some space! The paparazzi are actively preventing her from recovering.

hexxuss hexxuss

While I can understand their concern, I think it's highly inappropriate and plain wrong for ANY clinic to turn away a young child in need.  They COULD have just asked for better security & asked her grandparents to pay for it?  *smh* I hope she gets help.

Caera Caera

Yes, I do.

Why should others have to compromise their privacy for her?

2many... 2manydiapers

Until her fathers passing no one knew what to children looked like. So honestly it the grandparents exploding these kids that made it impossible for her to get help.

Trina_ Trina_

This is a tough one. I really feel bad for her because she didn't choose to be famous or be followed around by paparazzi 24-7. She is a grieving child who is just trying to find a way to live and grow up. Hopefully they can find a rehab facility in a random place in the USA and then put her in under a false name like a lot of other celebrities do.

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