E.L. James Sets '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Casting Rumor Straight & Breaks Our Hearts

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EL JamesDamn you, incompetent "sources" talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting! You got our hopes up for nothing! Although a supposed in-the-know chatterbox told Hollywood Life that the anticipated flick's leads would be unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego this month, E.L. James has stepped in to set the record straight.

"I dunno where this rumour started that the cast would be revealed at Comic Con ... but it is just that - a rumour. (Sighs)," the Fifty Shades author tweeted. A.) Is anyone else sighing and rolling their eyes at her acting so perpetually fed up with buzz she ought to be grateful for? B.) What a bummer. So when the heck will they reveal the cast? Because it's gotta be soon! They don't have all the time in the world if they want the film to be out August 1, 2014.

Here, six guesses at how they could end up delivering the big news ...

  1. Press conference - Oscar nominations-style -- E.L. James and Sam Taylor-Johnson get up super-early and announce the cast as if it is the biggest annual event in all the land.
  2. Public address ... by Ian Somerhalder - "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you Vampire Diaries star and ... the FUTURE CHRISTIAN GREY!"
  3. Twitter - Obv choice for E.L. James who has shared lots of salient info about the film thus far via tweet.
  4. Webcast - E.L. James could tweet that everyone should go to her website at a particular time and date, and there, she'll live-stream the announcement from a Red Room of Pain in an undisclosed location in the U.K.
  5. Reality mini-series - Like The Bachelor or The Voice, but the producers already know who the winners are and we have to watch over the course of several weeks to see various contestants audition and get eliminated. E.L. James could totally be the next Simon Cowell. How would that be for RATINGS GOLD!?
  6. Teaser trailer - They'll make us sweat it out and wait until they've actually done some filming and edited together the first, legit, official teaser trailer.

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How do you think we'll find out who has been cast?

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Annie... Anniegrace

Or they'll just tell us via twitter like they've been doing with everything else, or Universal will deliver a statement and it will be published on the web.

Heather Rene'e Farris

I was anticipating this but her attitude and the way they are trying to build this up is really starting to get annoying.

nonmember avatar Sherry

All this crap about the casting is getting old! Do it already, there is no way they havnt got someone in mind. I hope they choose well, wrong cast would equal BAD movie easy!

Tracy Korolchuk

This Would be the "BEST ANSWER">>>>> 2Public address ... by Ian Somerhalder - "We interrupt this broadcast to bring youVampire Diaries star and ... the FUTURE CHRISTIAN GREY!"

bowing down

Amanda Josey

#2 please! Bc if Ian isn't cast as Grey I;m not watching!

Jessica Renee

#2....Ian is Christian all the way!!!!

Crystal Ellerd Oliver

I think I will just stick to the books. There is NO way the movie will ever be able to have the passion and steaminess of the books. Unless we're going X-rated. and I seriously doubt that!

Angel Powers

Im to the point where it really doesnt matter anymore...more important things going on in the world right now..leave it as books and be done with it..just my opinion only though.

Pam Zampini

"Reality mini-series - Like The Bachelor or The Voice" lol

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