Kim Kardashian’s Sweet Father’s Day Gift to Kanye West Leaves Him Sounding More in Love Than Ever (PHOTO)

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Kim KardashianKanye West has received his first Father's Day gifts in the wake of the birth of little North. And his "girl" Kim Kardashian went all out for her baby daddy. West is known to be a fan of technology -- in fact, he seems to think he's the next Steve Jobs (and the next Michael Jordan) -- so Kim gave him the ultimate gift. Two computer mice autographed by gods of technology, the founders of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The autographs must be superspecial too, since Jobs has passed away. Here's a photo of the priceless (well, probably very expensive) mice:

This isn't the first time Kim has given Kanye an awesome gift. She once got him a Lamborghini. She also invited Wozniak to meet baby North -- before even her brother Rob did. Wozniak told Piers Morgan:

She, as a birthday present, she had me come up there to meet [Kanye]. I have seen a lot of babies, and a baby represents the love between the people and that meant more to me and the love that Kim was showing to Kanye.

There's certainly something wonderful about personalizing gifts -- and Kim seems to be excellent at personalizing her gifts for Kanye. The Lamborghini, the collage of the two of them, the meeting with Wozniak. Plus, you just know the name North was all his idea and she went along with it.

Well, there's no doubt that Kim loves her some Kanye.

Does your partner pick out nice gifts for you? What was your fave?


Images via Kanye West/Twitter/myalexis/Flickr



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bills... billsfan1104

Poor Rob. I see why he is depressed and getting huge. I really feel for him.

April Thompson

Where is pics of baby north? if you did not want baby to be shown then maybe you should have kept your pregnancy a secret, but I would be damn if I let some man come in between me and my family. So maybe their relationship will end up ending very quickly because I really doubt kim is going to give up her mom that she has had since birth. And with out Kris where would Kim go in her career? I was never really a big fan of Kayne to begin with. But Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney I love those rich chicks.

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