Did Mariah Carey Lip Sync at the 2013 BET Awards? Judge for Yourself (VIDEO)


mariahUh-oh! Mariah Carey is hit with another lip-syncing scandal.

Just a month ago, she was accused of faking her way through a medley of her hits on American Idol. Now, it's her performance at the 2013 BET Awards that is under attack. The problem? Seems she was a little too pitch perfect. According to fans and critics on Twitter, Mariah lip-synced her new song "Beautiful," performed alongside Miguel and Young Jeezy. Take a look at her performance and see if you agree.

Among the scathing tweets:

Jeezy so shady. Talkin bout RIP to Mariah Carey vocals. Died in the 90s. All that lip syncing. I'm so disappointed.

OHHH so i wasnt bugging... Mariah Carey is horrible at lip syncing lol

I don't even understand why Mariah Carey even came to the BET awards. she lip synced the entire time.

Ouch, right? It's harsh, but they may be right. At times she did seem to struggle to keep up with the lyrics. But to that I say, so what? She still put on a nice show. Newly slimmed down in one of the best looks of the night, Mariah thoroughly entertained viewers.

We all know she can actually sing. That is more than I can say about half the pop stars out there. (Sorry Demi, Selena, Ashlee, and a slew of other wannabe Mariahs.) No one can compare to her vocal acrobatics -- even if her voice isn't as crisp as it was 20 years go. I don't see why people get so up in arms when singers of this caliber (including Beyonce) decide to lip sync once in awhile. In Bey's case, it must be crazy hard to dance and sing for every single track. Let's cut them some slack. So if Mariah wants to give her voice a rest for one night, let's not make a big deal out of it.

Take a look at Mariah's BET performance:

Do you think she was lip-syncing? If so, does that upset you?

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nonmember avatar Nikki

She lip synced during her PRE-TAPED performance on American Idol. She probably can't sing anymore. Atleast not high notes, which is the only thing she "does" in this song.

nonmember avatar Renee Thompson

It doesn't matter. It's her voice, period, one of the greatest ever!!!!!!

Irvin Callisto

At the end of the day shes not 19 no more. shes sang for 25 years now. Everyone's vocal stamina changes in one form or another.

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