7 Signs 'Teen Mom 2' Season 5 Is Coming Soon

teen mom 2 castHUGE news from Jenelle Evans! Remember how she bought a house with Nathan Griffith, the guy she's been dating for all of a month now? Well, JK, looks like she didn't actually buy it! Jenelle backed out of the housing purchase, and the reason is one that ought to make Teen Mom 2 fans a little giddy!

Turns out the homeowners' association at the new place wouldn't let cameras film there. You know what that means? Jenelle is house hunting again!

Oh right ... and now we've got further confirmation that Teen Mom 2 is coming back!

Can we just say it's a done deal now? Just look at all this evidence that Jenelle, Kail, Leah, and Chelsea are coming back to a TV screen near you:

1. Leah Messer Calvert's husband, Jeremy Calvert, tweeted a complaint about treatment at a furniture store and let it slip that MTV would be in to film.

2. Photos of Chelsea Houska surfaced on Twitter with a professional camerawoman behind her clear as day!

3. Kailyn Lowry's favorite tattoo parlor, Sick Ink, tweeted a photo of MTV cameras in their studios the day after Kail and husband Javi Marroquin both tweeted about spending a day there and Javi showed off a photo of his tat.

4. Jenelle announced she's clean and sober. Not necessarily an indication the show is coming back, but the rumors related to the show's cancellation were linked to her bad behavior. If Jenelle is keeping clean, the chances Teen Mom 2 will land back on TV are much greater.

5. Jenelle admitted in late May that she's still working for MTV, asking fans "Is TM2 really over?" 

6. Producer Morgan Freeman announced in April that rumors of the cancellation were off base. He said nothing had been decided yet ... and no one at MTV came out to dispute him.

7. Jenelle's backing out of a housing deal might not sound like much, but consider this: if she were "just" going to film a reunion special, MTV could easily shoot at her mom's house or fly her to New York City. They'd only need access to her house if filming were going to be frequent.

With this much evidence, it's hard to see anything but a fifth season for Teen Mom 2, don't you think?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Stephanie

i love watching teen mom 2 an being able to watch all the kid's grow up :) i can't wait till it come's on :)

Melissa Sue Perry

My only question is, how on earth does a housing association get to decide whether or not your home is filmed when you own the home? Sounds like BS to me.

April Kerr

Nope Melissa unfortunately the HOA has every right to tell you about stuff like that in their contract .Weather you can bring your business trucks home etc..

Jenna Stevens

I hope Teen Mom 2 comes back for a fifth season! I can't wait to watch it! :)

Nicole Downing

when does teen mom 2 come back on Tv

Rhonda Whittle

I wish it would come back on

Lacosta Johnson

I hope it comes back on...if it does I like to know when because teen mom 3 premieres on august-26-13 but that all different girls...

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