Jenelle Evans & Boyfriend 'Weren't Drinking' on Wild Night Out -- So What Were They Doing?

jenelle evansFor those of you who thought Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, was going to be the knight in shining armor, who swept her off her feet, away from all things bad and dirtbagish, I have some bad news for you: He's not.

From what we've seen, Griffith seems like an okay enough guy -- I mean, he's got a job; we haven't heard about any past arrests. But Griffith isn't ushering Jenelle into the light as swiftly as we'd like him to. See, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith had a wild night one day this weekend that ended with them going through a drive-through where Nathan shouted, "We're f*cking hammered" to the cashier.

No, not a heroin arrest. But still. Not a good look.

Sunday morning, Jenelle tweeted, "Last night was SO much fun." But she insists that "none of us drank alcohol." Okay. Sure you didn't, Jenelle. (Check out some of the Vine videos from the night and you be the judge, guys.)

What are we going to do with this girl? After all, it was just last week that Jenelle said she had given up pot. No, there's no proving that she and Nathan were drinking, but where I come from, when someone says, "We're f*cking hammered" to a Wendy's drive-through worker in the wee hours of the morning, they typically are. But that's just where I live.

Hopefully, Nathan will wind up being as good as we were hoping he'd be. And if not, well, at least we can take solace in the fact that he's not Courtland Rogers.

What do you think of Jenelle and Nathan's night?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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Vanessa Poholek Fasanella

Such a shame! These children need babies and money and noteriety and fame like they need a hole in the head. If only we could prioritize for morality and education, and now shock value and "entertainment" on television. This is one of the many reasons I refuse to watch any of these Teen Mom and Housewives Of... shows.

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