'True Blood' Recap: Bill Is 'Hotter' Than Ever & Sookie Is ... 'Dead'?!

eric northmanOkay, I have a question. It's kind of a trick question. Ready? Here goes: Did you SEE tonight's episode of True Blood? If you answered "yes," guess what? You're lying! Because if you really had seen tonight's episode of True Blood, you wouldn't be reading this post -- you'd still be sitting in front of the TV with your jaw on the floor, drooling and babbling incoherently. Because Eric Northman, that's why!! That scene with Willa?? Are you daddy's little girl? Who knew the Viking vamp was secretly into role play? WHO CARES?! 

Anyway. Eric did more than sort of seduce/kidnap the Governor's daughter tonight ...


He found out a lot about the Governor's vampire concentration camps, which made him realize just how much more valuable Willa would be to him alive than dead ... which led to Pam and Tara getting just a tad bit touchy (You're going to bring her?!). AND he also told Ginger (who, come on -- how annoying?!) she was stupid for answering the phone when the Governor called (which, come on -- how stupid?!). Somebody glamour me, puh-leeze!!!

Speaking of stupid ... well. Bill. AHAHAHAHA! You and your god complex. You can't walk in the sun!!! And we always knew it. I mean, even Jessica knew it, and, let's face it ... speaking of stupid. Ahem. Enough with the stupid comments about stupid vampires. Let's move on to stupid humans -- no, no, no. Just kidding. Jason Stackhouse is nothing of the sort. He is, however, confused a lot of the time, and he was especially confused after collapsing and hitting his head while caught in faerie/Warlow psychic warfare crossfire. And, as he finally admitted to Sookie, after all those hallucinations about his dead, racist parents.

Sookie might have cared about her brother's crazy visions for a second, but then Bill barged in begging for help and telling Sookie she's now "dead" to him (after her refusal, of course). 

Yet another STUPID move. Sheesh! Will these guys wise up next week?

What was the craziest part of tonight's True Blood?


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