'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Rob Kardashian Needs Help

Rob KardashianTonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, everyone was having problems. Kylie and Kendall Jenner were squabbling nonstop, and Scott Disick was having social anxiety issues. It was Rob Kardashian's problems, however, that were the most concerning.

Poor Rob seriously just can't seem to get a break. From his startling weight gain and possible food addiction to his altercation with the paparazzi that almost got him arrested, he's had one problem after another. While his family is supportive, his sisters were also sick of him being mean (calling pregnant Kim "fat feet" was not cool) and never telling the truth. So when his car got towed, none of them believed him and no one went to get him.


It seems this time he was telling the truth though, and he was all sorts of pissed that no one believed him.

I took a cab home because y'all are dickheads who couldn't come pick me up. It's just f--ked up that you all thought I was lying and didn't come pick me up. You guys suck!

Kris Jenner told him it was because he's "full of shit most of the time," but she was also heartbroken, watching one of her children suffer emotionally like this, and contacted a therapist. She sat down with him and described what was going on and he agreed to help Rob. Rob, however, wanted nothing to do with therapy. "I don't buy any of that shit," he told her.

Kris said she was worried about him spending so much time in his room and exhibiting signs of depression. "I don't want you to sit up there in your room and be dark," she told him.

The way she described it made it seem so much worse than just some string-cheese binges and fibs. She seemed legitimately worried for him, and not like it was part of some scripted storyline to boost ratings. But as she said, she can't make him see a therapist, nor can she help him get better if he doesn't want to. Hopefully, he'll want to soon, because it's really sad to watch him continue down this path he's been on this season.

Best line of the night came from Khloe when talking to Kylie about the snow pants she wouldn't let Kendall borrow: "So fucking pee in your white snow pants you little bitch."

Do you think Rob Kardashian will get the help he needs?


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