'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Rosie Pierri & Teresa Giudice Scream It Out

Rosie PierriAfter the explosive run-in between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga at the gym last week on RHONJ, tempers were still running high. Joe went home to unleash to Melissa Gorga and actually ended up chastising her for tweeting something mean about Teresa (way to go, Joe!). Teresa tried to tell Joe Giudice what went down, and he declared that her brother has a Napoleon complex, which was funny for so very many reasons.

Despite their anger, however, both siblings kept saying they want to work things out. For some bizarre reason Teresa called Caroline Manzo to tell her what went down, and Caroline told her she needed to step out of it. She never should have stepped in it, but at least she's getting out now. Stepping right into her place, or rather storming there, was Rosie Pierri who, as we saw last week, flies into a terrifying rage when Teresa's name is even mentioned. So when she called Teresa and asked to sit down and talk, we knew it was going to be explosive.


And explosive it was with Rosie pounding on the bar, screaming profanities, and making a scene. She completely unleashed on Teresa, and every time Teresa tried to point out that it's Kathy Wakile who started their problems, Rosie would rage again, "Always my f#cking sister!"

Teresa remained calm at first, then she started yelling back too. "Kathy called my dad a coward," she screamed. Then suddenly, they were done, talking about getting everyone together for a holistic weekend retreat and then hugging in the parking lot. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I think they made up. Some people talk things out; these ladies scream it out best, I guess. At least Rosie didn't stab Teresa 100 times, so that was good.

As for this holistic weekend, we all know how well therapy went for Teresa and Joe, but maybe this will be different. Hopefully it will be the beginning of the healing process for Teresa and Joe, and maybe for Teresa and Kathy Wakile as well. Or maybe they should all just go and get wasted and pound on tables -- that might work too.

Do you think the retreat will help the family?


Image via Bravo

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