Kristin Cavallari's Honeymoon Photos Are Freakin' Adorbs

kristen cavallari honeymoonCalling all Kristin Cavallari fans! Gather 'round ye desktop, we have something special for you. Get ready to clutch your bosoms and sigh. Kristen Cavallari has posted photos from her honeymoon in Italy with Jay Cutler. You. Will. Die. (Metaphorically) In one photo, Kristen and Jay smile on a cobblestone street at night looking tan and totally in love. Or maybe they're just a little dazed and jet-lagged, it's hard to tell. Regardless, they're an adorable couple. But wait until you see the other photo Kristen posted.


kristen cavallari honeymoon

OMG, squeee! Isn't that too perfect? The kiss, in front of the ocean, rock formation in the background, Kristen rocking the trendy fedora, Jay shirtless, sporting a bit of scruff, with his toes wiggling in front of him. Too much. There's only one thing wrong with this photo -- the photographer. Who is taking this picture? Somebody other than Kristen or Jay, which means they're not alone. And shouldn't they be alone? Oh who knows, maybe they set up the shot using a timer. Yeah, let's go with that theory. 

Would you tweet photos from your honeymoon?


Images via Twitter

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