Rob Lowe's Insult Could Make Channing Tatum Cry

white house downHas anyone gone out to see the new action flick, White House Down? Channing Tatum stars in this thriller in which bla bla bla, someone attacks the White House, bad stuff happens, I think he saves the day... Actually, I'm not quite sure how it's different from Olympus Has Fallen aside from the cast. And I'm not the only one who's unimpressed. Yesterday former West Wing star Rob Lowe tweeted "I'm not really into a bubble gum romp about our White House being destroyed." Harsh! 


But spot on. I don't care which administration is in power, seeing the White House explode into flames is just getting old. I know it's supposed to be this big dramatic moment -- OH NOES! There goes our important national symbol! How will America carry on?!? Shortly thereafter something else, like the Statue of Liberty, gets blown into the water. ("Nooo, you bastaaards!") And then the characters rally, some big hero wins the day, and we're all supposed to punch the air and go, "YEAH! 'Merica!" like a bunch of Pavlovian dummies.

Not this time, movie-making assholes. Rob Lowe is onto you, and so am I, and frankly, so are moviegoers. White House Down has done just okay at the box office for a big-budget action flick ($26 million) while Melissa McCartney and Sandra Bullock kicked ass with The Heat ($40 million). So a women's comedy outperformed a "bubble gum romp about our White House being destroyed" -- high five, Americans. Sometimes the good guys win in the end after all.

Have you seen either White House Down or The Heat?



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