Michael Jackson's $35 Million Child Molestation Cover-Up Story Sounds Suspicious

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michael jackson starAs much as we want to believe he was a great father to his own children, we'll always wonder about Michael Jackson and all those allegations of child molestation. Now an associate of a private investigator is claiming Michael Jackson spent $35 million covering up molestations of 24 boys. The private investigator had supposedly been working for Jackson, looking for skeletons to hide in closets. London's Sunday People claims it has "secret FBI files" with all kinds of sordid details about the gloved-one's illicit actions.

Okay, we could get into those sordid details here, but I'm not going to. Instead, I have a few questions. First, isn't the timing here uncanny? We're hearing this story at the same time the Jackson family is suing a concert promoter for wrongful death. Secondly, FBI files?!? I guess if you have a serial pedophile who poses a threat to the public. But this just sounds like half-fabricated tabloid trash to me. I don't doubt that Jackson went over the line with a few boys -- he was not a well man. But this story is triggering my bullshit alarm. 

But if you want to hear the sordid details, by all means -- read away. They're out there.

Do you believe this new story about Michael Jackson spending millions to cover up child molestations?


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Elaine Cox

maybe he was justified

bills... billsfan1104

Maybe you don't want to believe that your precious MJ was a kid tickler.

nonmember avatar Daniel

This story has already been debunked in the following two articles;



theak... theakaneko

Maybe we should just leave that poor family alone - haven't his kids had enough? MJ is dead - and yes, if he did those terrible things, that's awful and the victims will have to live with that. But he's gone and we'll never really know.

IHear... IHeartCake

Did you really write you "don't doubt he went over the line with a few boys," as if that's not very significant?  And why would you doubt these reports of a cover-up?  Where there is great wealth, horrible atrocitious can be covered up for decades!  For how many decades were certain priests moved from place to place, torturing children everywhere they went, for example?  Don't underestimate what people with wealth and power will do to keep their wealth and power, please.

Renee... ReneeN1979

"maybe he was justified" -- because there is EVER a justifiable reason to molest children?!

Good Lord, this site really does have everything.

nonmember avatar G

Hey, here's a thought. The man is dead and because of bullshit like this, his daughter tried to kill herself. Just leave it alone for pity's sake. He's dead, end of story.

Brandon Penny

Anthony Pellican is in jail since 2002. About two years ago a tabloid supposedly contacted him in jail (was it the Daily Mail?) and they were the ones who quoted him saying that "MJ did worse to those kids than molest them". No context was given and I actually have some doubts it was even said at all or that putting in context it would sound that bad as it seems to sound this way. My doubts stem from the fact that on the same day the same website published another article about Pellicano in which it was stated that Pellicano has incriminating evidence about MJ's accusers!

Pellicano was very much against the settlement. He was convinced of Michael's innocence and wanted the whole thing to go to court and beat the Chandlers there. He seemed to despise the Chandlers with passion. So I wonder if this sentence, if he said it at all, was said in some context where he expressed his disagreement about the settlement and said (with a bit of exaggeration) that it's the worst MJ could do to those kids - ie. letting their parents get away with extortion. Really I always find it suspicious when there is no context given to something. Pellicano sure did not say that just out of the blue. And we all know how manipulative the media is.

adopt... adoption2013

This shit is old news.  He was accused on more than one occasion.   

racco... raccoonsrme

The only "living" people that actually know whether or not molestation took place are the children who spent time with MJ. If anyone was molested, what is keeping  them from speaking up now? If they had been molested, are they receiving therapy? Like others have said, MJ is dead, let his children live in peace. His children did nothing wrong, leaave them alone.

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