Miley Cyrus' Scandalous 'Pretty Woman' Outfit Is Perfectly Safe

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miley cyrus pretty womanI guess we've reached that point in the weekend where we need to discuss what Miley Cyrus is wearing. So here goes: Miley wore a Pretty Woman-inspired outfit, a spandex, color block, midriff-baring miniskirt and top ensemble. She tweeted it, because she doesn't want us to miss out. And she said, "Pretty woman.... Twerkin down the street." Haha, get it? Like the song, and like the outfit Julia Roberts wears as the prostitute in the movie Pretty Woman? Meanwhile, middle-aged people everywhere wring their hands with dismay and shake their heads disapprovingly.

I mean, that's one reaction you could have. Or you could say, "good for her, if I had her body I'd wear that every day, everywhere." Or you could just not care because you're following the protests in Egypt. Anyway, no one is going to mistake Miley Cyrus for a real prostitute because we already know who she is. That's why she gets to play dress-up like this without facing any of the consequences your average 20-year-old might face. You can wear whatever the hell you want if you're surrounded by enough bodyguards.

Do you think Miley Cyrus' Pretty Woman outfit goes too far?


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nonmember avatar Rach

I don't really care for Miley Cyrus or anything involving her, but I think she looks pretty ridiculous and low rent in her hooker costume and her Lilith fair hair with the crazy dark roots. On the street I would probably glance at her and cross the street to avoid being asked for money.

nymom13 nymom13

Even having a lot of bodyguards, wearing a hooker inspired outfit in public is begging for trouble. I love watching Pretty Woman and think that Julia Roberts is a great actress, but if I had a body like Miley Cyrus, there's no way I'd wear a hooker outfit in public. If you're at home playing dress up and tweeting, I see no problem with it.

Ashley Anderson

Love seeing someone my child used to look up to dress like a whore, such a good role model let me just say! i'd love to see how she explains this to her own children.

I finally heard that horrible crap she calls a song on the radio. My daughter immediately recognized her voice and asked me if that was of course hannah montana (she doesn't understand real names to characters played yet). Naturally I changed the song and told her that it wasn't. And here is my 9 year old little girl playing on a hannah montana guitar. I hope she feels better about herself teaching young women what it means to be slutty... Not to mention she's holding what looks like an alcoholic drink! i'm sure daddy is so proud...

Craft... CraftyJenna

Well obivously Ashley Anderson, because your daughter likes a character she played on TV, she should live her entire life by disney standards and never dress up and go out like other girls her age, and she should conform to a 9 year old's standard of dress. She's holding a glass with dark liquid and ice- could be liquor! (omg the horror! ) or she could just be having a soda. Either way, how exactly does it effect anyone but her? People need to GTF over themselves. Parent your own children, don't expect TV and twitter to do it for you. 

silve... silverdawn99

eh she is an adult. People grow up. They dont stay innocent children forever. People need to get over it. She isnt getting in trouble with the law. her *assests* are covered and she has the body to rock it

Miche... Michelephant

Most young women have dressed scandalously for their time.  Just because fashions changed doesn't mean your slut outfit from the 80s was any better.  She isn't drunk driving and so far we haven't seen pics of her snorting line off of some dudes junk so she is hardly the worst role model for college aged girls. She doesn't market to a young fan base anymore. So If you are worried about her corrupting your kids with her new image and music then news flash: that isn't appropriate content for kids under a certain age!

Sarah Ort

May-be you should be a better role model for your children then celebrities are.  I never looked up to them as a child, but rather my own mother.

phant... phantomphan

She needs the boots...

Adam Joyner

Hell no look at that body on her.

Andre... Andreamom001

I think the girl needs help.  It makes me sad to see her disrespect herself for fame and attention (or whatever resons she is doing it).

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