Miley Cyrus' Scandalous 'Pretty Woman' Outfit Is Perfectly Safe

miley cyrus pretty womanI guess we've reached that point in the weekend where we need to discuss what Miley Cyrus is wearing. So here goes: Miley wore a Pretty Woman-inspired outfit, a spandex, color block, midriff-baring miniskirt and top ensemble. She tweeted it, because she doesn't want us to miss out. And she said, "Pretty woman.... Twerkin down the street." Haha, get it? Like the song, and like the outfit Julia Roberts wears as the prostitute in the movie Pretty Woman? Meanwhile, middle-aged people everywhere wring their hands with dismay and shake their heads disapprovingly.


I mean, that's one reaction you could have. Or you could say, "good for her, if I had her body I'd wear that every day, everywhere." Or you could just not care because you're following the protests in Egypt. Anyway, no one is going to mistake Miley Cyrus for a real prostitute because we already know who she is. That's why she gets to play dress-up like this without facing any of the consequences your average 20-year-old might face. You can wear whatever the hell you want if you're surrounded by enough bodyguards.

Do you think Miley Cyrus' Pretty Woman outfit goes too far?


Image via Twitter

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