First Photo of Kim Kardashian & 'Lil Baby' Since the Birth

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kim kardashian dog

Aww, that's one exhausted-looking mama. Khloe Kardashian just posted a photo of her big sister, Kim, napping on a sofa. It's the first photo of Kim Kardashian taken since the birth of North West! "I love my lil baby so much..." Khloe added. So, um, what baby? I scanned the whole photo thinking maybe little North West was hiding under the sofa or wedged under Kim. What baby? What lil baby?!? And then it occurred to me. OH -- THAT lil baby. Khloe's freakin' dog. 

Khloe is referring to her boxer puppy, Bernard. In that sweet way of all dog owners so besotted of their puppies they cannot imagine any other objects of love exist in the world, Khloe has neglected to show us the baby we all really want to see. I mean, cute dog and all, but the people are clamoring for Nori. 

Oh well -- we'll see her eventually. Meanwhile, I sure can relate to that new-mom fatigue. I remember it well. Glad Kim's getting some quality nap time, even if she has to share it with that other baby.

When do you think we'll finally see a photo of North West?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Facebook



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Mary Wigington

I heard her daughters name was Kaidence not North.

mlg1989 mlg1989

I think we will see her kid when the price is right. You know her money hungry ass will give it to the highest bidder.

nonmember avatar Me1979

Wait, she gave birth to a dog????

nonmember avatar leah

Shes so exhausted but yet has time and energy to put on makeup before a nap.....yeah right. I have a 4 wk old and makeup is the last thing on my mind. Plus we all know she nor kanye are actually going to raise that kid, its all going to be nannied out.

hagan... hagans506

That's funny she post a picture of a dog,that say alot.

nonmember avatar BritishRose

As a friend of the fam, I very rarely comment as this stuff is all so ludicrous; however, Kimmi is not waiting for the highest bidder - Nori will NOT be shared with the world. At this point, it is unlikely that her own mother will have photographs to share when her talk show starts later this month, and Kimmi would do almost anything for Kris. While Kanye could spend two days promoting himself without stopping to take a breath (sorry, K!), he protects his daughter like the guards at Buckingham Palace. As for the makeup, she has it on her eyes only: indeed, she IS concerned with her appearance as most of us would be if followed by paparazzi non-stop, but for the record, she has been photographed sans makeup. Leah: you have a 4 week old and use your spare time to read gossip blogs? REALLY?! And F.Y.I., most people in the one percent and certainly those in the public eye have help. If you watch their telly programme, then you already know that Kourt is a very hands-on mum. So enough, everyone, with your nasty, presumptuous statements.

nonmember avatar lembrey0522

Aww she's so echausted! I can totally empathize with how she is feeling. It isn't easy to raise a child. As for the makeup issue, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If she wants to look good, then let her be. I would sometimes put some makeup on myself and I wouldn't even be going out. You can also tell that she has dark circles around her eyes so she really is exhausted and a nap is sometime every new moms wishes for after tending to their newborns. Chin up Kim & remember that you are doing a wonderful job :)

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