'True Blood' Preview: Eric Discovers Shocking Secret Vampire 'Experiments' (VIDEO)

eric and willaRemember a few months back when we spilled that super-hot True Blood spoiler about Eric Northman getting back to his bad boy roots this season? Well, it looks like tonight could be the Night of the Viking, if you know what we mean -- or at least that's what this preview clip would seem to imply. See, Eric's a bit peeved with that pesky Governor Burrell (and why wouldn't he be?? That dude gives humans a bad name!), and what better way to get back at a "god-fearing" Gov than to rip his daughter to shreds?


That's what Eric plans to do when he breaks into Willa Burrell's bedroom, he says (she'll be dying for her "father's sins," not her own). But just when he's about to sink his fangs into her -- um, skin -- she begs him to stop, promising her death will do nothing to stop her father and anyway, DOESN'T HE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE EXPERIMENTS HER DAD IS DOING ON VAMPIRES??

Hmm. Willa is clever. But is she clever enough to stay alive for long? Do we care?

Do you think Eric will kill Willa once she tells him about the experiments?


Image via HBO

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