'Bachelorette' Quitter Bryden Takes Another Low Blow at Desiree Hartsock

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Bryden The BacheloretteOk, so how embarrassed were you for Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock when Bryden showed up on her one-on-one date with Chris for the sole purpose of dumping her on national television?

Gah. What a d-bag. I mean, if he knew she wasn't the right woman for him, he never should've flown all the way to Munich with her and the other guys. He also should've had the decency to wait until she finished her date with Chris to deliver the news that he was leaving the show.

But I guess rejecting Des once wasn't good enough, because now Bryden has admitted the real reason he left The Bachelorette.

(It's a doozie, people.)

Um, I really don't know how to put this, so I'll just give you his exact words:

"I started to hang out with the guys and have more fun with them than actually with her."

(And apparently that pushed her even further into the dreaded "friend zone.")

Whaaaaa? Are you freakin' kidding me? If he didn't exactly have the best time with Des, couldn't he have just kept that little tidbit to himself? It definitely speaks volumes about his character, and makes it even more obvious that he did Des a huge favor by exiting the show when he did.

Oh, and get this one -- according to Reality Steve, Bryden may have had a girlfriend when he went on the show, who he's since reunited with. (Holy jerk alert.)

Yep, Des is definitely better off without this dude, but let's just hope none of her remaining suitors turn out to have any skeletons in their closet, or resort to throwing subtle jabs her way like Bryden did with the "she's no fun" bit. If things don't start taking a turn for the better, this may wind up being the most depressing season of The Bachelorette we've ever seen.

Do you think Bryden was intentionally trying to hurt Desiree with his comments?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I don't really see anything wrong with him saying he was having more fun with the guys than her. He said it over and over on the show that he didn't feel a connection with her.

While I agree it would have been better to tell her so after her date, that wouldn't make for good tv drama would it? And really that's what the shows all about after all.

Carol Cromer

A sensitive person he is NOT!  Feel sorry for his girlfriend; she should take note - his true colors came shining through and may be directed toward her at some point.


Bobbie Smith

He was not going to be last left anyway so good bye to him. If he could not have fun with her he is probably Gay.....

Joanne Hintz

He's a jerk.... good thing he left when he did! Good riddance!

Roberta Howard

At least he was honest that he liked hanging out with the guys more than her.. I think that is true of more than just Bryden... But he is the only one that would admit it.. This truly has been the worst season ever.

Rhonda DesRosiers

Glad he is gone, she is too beautiful for him. Bryden you are a dog, not an attractive man at all and the week prior you were having these thoughts and still continued on which makes you uglier then you already are. If you do have a girlfriend I wish her all the best because you truly think you are something you are not, Des should have ditched you the first night she is too good for you and deserves someone with personality and looks which you have neither!!!

Rhonda DesRosiers

And if you say you enjoyed your time with the guys more.....ummmmm says a whole lot for you, maybe you should have waited and applied to be on the Bachelor season..lmao.  I hope he gets all of these messages because if he thinks he will be the next Bachelor he seriously has something wrong with him.

love you sign

Pam Marosan

I agree he should have waited until after her date, but she is the one who talked him into staying before they left for Germany...its the "Bachelorette", get over it ~ every season of each show almost always ends the same way, one way or another...yet we all still watch season after season after season! If it weren't for the so called "jerks" there would be no reason to watch it at all!

nonmember avatar Debbie Baacken.

He's a nice guy who may have seen himself as being noble instead of wasting her time. I think he was just insecure and wanted to cut and run before she sent him packing. He'll never really know now. He settled it up the best way he could given he had just decided moments before. Good for you Bryden; us Montanans gotta stick together

nonmember avatar DMac

It doesn't matter, because should she find true love, then true love (and Karma) conquers all. Besides, he has the doofiest hairstyle-one that dumb hicks choose to sport.

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