Farrah Abraham Calls Amanda Bynes 'Mean' in an Effort to Extend Her 15 Minutes

farrah abrahamWhat do you do when your 15 minutes of fame is slipping away from you like sands in an hourglass? You latch on to another flailing celebrity in hopes that, together, your joint powers will somehow manage to extend your moment in the spotlight. And when that doesn't work, you take pot shots at yet another celebrity -- a trainwrecky one -- in an attempt to start a Twitter war that will incite a media frenzy. What am I talking about here? Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, that's what. First, she tries to buddy up to Charlie Sheen in an effort to prolong her clearly dissipating notoriety. And when that doesn't work, she randomly calls Amanda Bynes "mean".

Come on, Farrah. You can do better than this. This is just an embarrassing display of fame whoredom.

After she had a falling out with Charlie Sheen -- in which he called Farrah a "desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua" -- Farrah said that not only is Charlie Sheen "old", he's "meaner than Amanda Bynes". Sure, Amanda has been calling everyone and their sister "ugly" on Twitter recently, but A) I'm not sure the word "mean" quite describes Amanda as much as "sick" does; and B) way to try to associate yourself with one of the most talked about celebs right now, Farrah. Nothing transparent about that at all.

Farrah. If I were you, I'd just give it up for a while. You already have gotten fantastically wealthy off of Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom. Go into hiding for a bit. Let us miss you. You're just ... too much lately. And just because Kim Kardashian has built a billion-dollar empire off of over-exposure, doesn't mean it works every time. In fact, I'd say it usually doesn't work.

I really don't see Farrah attempting to get out of the public eye any time soon. She will ride this post-porn wave like it's James Deen himself. So, may I at least offer a small suggestion? Farrah, maybe take some of this new-found cash and invest in a publicist or a person who will do the talking for you. They wouldn't have called Amanda Bynes mean. That's both mean and shameless.

What do you think of this?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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nonmember avatar angel

She just getting annoying now

nonmember avatar Amanda

Farrah just needs to get out of the spot light and take care of that little girl of hers. Children are precious gifts from God and I don't hear or see any pictures of her and her daughter. We see a lot of celebrities with and without their children. Just one question. For her though. Are you happy with everything you are doing? I hope your not, get off your high horse and spend some time with your child!

Jill Russell-Horn

Farrah is a nobody....a hasbeen. She is so annoying. I knew when she was on Teen Mom trying to act all innocent that she was a wolf in sheeps clothing. All those cry faces she made. She's put down everyone to make herself look good, because the more plastic surgery and procedures she has done the uglier she gets. And she wants to pick on Cate for her weight. Well you can fix weight issues, but you can't fix ugly.


nonmember avatar Bonita

Bad attention is better than no attention. She's a dumb bitch who cant do anything better than talk shit about everyone else. Take care of your kid an quit talkin about other people. Your the one who made a porn video and sold it for a couple million dollars. You pretty much sold your vagina bitch. Your as fake as your boobs. Go spend time with your daughter and stop tryin to get your 5 minutes of fame in the stupid section. Do somethin positive and maybe you won't be remembered for bein a dumb ass cunt that you are.

Erin Novelli

Mean??? that isnt even harsh!!! grow up people your the one giving her the attention that your bitching about her getting....that isnt even mean to say someone is mean...wow really???? talk about blowing something way out of proportion.....

Jennifer Jones Dougherty

Twit! Please go away...you are embarassing to Sophia and your Family.


Brenda Mcgruder Rogers

she just needs to stop!and the media needs to stop giving her attention!PERIOD!! GO B A MOM!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar sadie

I pity her family! I bet her parents are sitting there thinking that they shouldn't have passed on the BC the night she was conceived! but she is like a scab, just don't pick at it and it will go away!! but pick at it, it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds!

Green... GreenEyesMom

LMFAO @ Sadie *love it, scab analogy* too funny. Anyways yup she loves her some limelight. #FameWhore (I still think Charlie Sheens letter to her was the funniest shit) #FuckingWinning

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