Robert Pattinson's New Movie Is Nothing Like 'Twilight' (In a Good Way)

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robert pattinsonReady for some more RPattz in your life? You better be -- Robert Pattinson's new movie The Rover is coming to theaters ... soon-ish. The futuristic thriller takes place in the Australian outback and stars Rob and Guy Pearce as outlaws on a mission to get even, and the guys behind the amazing Spring Breakers and Bling Ring have picked up Rover's distribution rights. Get ready to be dazzled by Robert and co. pretty soon, because there's no way our Edward Cullen would let us down.

It's his first movie post-Twilight, and Rob's probably done everything in his power to make sure it's a success. Yes, he's been in other movies while the Twilight saga raged on (Cosmopolis, Bel Ami, Water for Elephants, Remember Me), but now that he doesn't have his vampire franchise to fall back on, the pressure is definitely on. It could make or break him as an actor, but Rob's ready.

Know who isn't ready, though? Kristen Stewart. Unlike Rob, her acting ability is less than impressive, and without the warm cocoon of Bella Swan wrapped around her, it's probably going to be difficult to collect a new fan base. Her post-Twilight saga projects so far included Snow White and the Huntsman Part II. Interesting.

The Rover is in post-production, so here's hoping we'll get to see this dystopian flick before the year's out. Rob's had a rough summer with the breakup and all, and he's gotta be looking forward to getting back on the big screen.

That makes two of us slash millions of us, RPattz.

Excited about Robert Pattinson's new movie?


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nonmember avatar Susie

Guess you'd better check your sources. Kristen has more than SWATH II lined up. She just signed for two films that will film this summer and will be in The Big Shoe if it secures financing. And, BTW, she is a great actress. She's been doing this all of her life and has made quite a great career for herself. If you don't like her, then, don't comment on her.

nonmember avatar Guest

OMG, are you kidding??? Kristen has had nothing but critical success since she was a child. This article is a joke.

nonmember avatar Becca

So excited for Robs career post Twilight, he has some very exciting and challenging projects coming up. I would prefer to read articles where his ex girlfriend isn't mentioned. They aren't together anymore, this article should be about Rob only. Can't wait for The Rover.

Julia Rolph

do any of them really need any thing to fall back on if they never work again wont they be set for life

nonmember avatar Cindy

I am soo excited for Robert and his continued success he is very versatile in his acting career, he is truly a blessing in his generation. Hats off to all he does and I will continue to follow him along the way watching him thru out his career. Love a loyal fan..

nonmember avatar Hope

Rob will be a success on his own...without Kristen hanging on to him. He is an individual and should not have the name Robsten next to his name in every article.

nonmember avatar mael

Great article! I can hardly wait for The Rover. His true fans will follow his career beyond Twilight. Most of us have actually been waiting for this time for a while now.

Nancy Ramsey

i well not see this movie. i seen twilight and that it i never seen his other movies

Daria K'aresb

@Nacy Ramsey
umm.. bitter much? lol your profil pic says it all tbh.

Daria K'aresb

Fantastic news for Rob! Can't wait to hear and see more about his upcoming projects.

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