Kanye West Freaks Out at Paparazzi for Asking Him About Kim & Baby (VIDEO)

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Uh oh, you guys. Yeezus is mad. Rapper/singer/entrepreneur/second coming Kanye West and Kris Jenner's paparazzi encounter was not friendly. Not friendly at all. West and Jenner were filmed in a parking lot, and damn, Kanye was not happy about it. (Kris, meanwhile, was likely thrilled with the attention, but pretended to be too cool to be filmed, as well.)

When Yeezus yelled, "Don't talk to me! Don't say anything to me!" that's when Kris got the hint that cameras = no fun with Kanye.


It's hard to believe that Kanye is still this angry at the paparazzi. What does he expect? He's involved with a family that thrives and subsists off the attention. His daughter, North West, is going to be sold for millions. Rumor has it she'll make her first debut on Kris Jenner's talk show -- a move that would serve to keep the money North garners in the family.

So Kanye's gotta get over it. Dude needs to chill. Accept the paps, man, and let go of that anger. Breeeathe, Yeezus, breeeeathe.

Do you think Kanye's overreacting?


Photo via TMZ



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nonmember avatar Christina

That is what happens when you have a baby with a publicity whore.

nonmember avatar Mo2

I do t think I've ever disliked a "celebrity" more. He is the dumbest thing that has ever been relevant in "Hollywood life". I very much so dislike Kim kardashian, I think she is a selfish, fake, inconsiderate, conceded, horrible, ugly inside-and-out person but even she could have done better than Kanye dipshit. I genuinely feel like these two will always come first. Not their soon to be spoiled, whiny brat. They can't put anything before themselves. Luckily they can afford nannies to raise their kid. Hopefully the nanny makes the kid bearable.

nonmember avatar bev

what a f'n tool...your baby mom and her family are fame whores.. i love how Kris is like tryin to calm the situation down.. DO you enjoy his temper Kris? not good for your empire. better toss him out just like Humphries

Susan Goldman Schwartz

I don't think anyone, ANYONE should be giving this guy any creedence.  Why is anyone even bothering to speak or write about this no-talent angry guy.  Just walk on by and ignore him. He will get the message.  He's to big for his britches and believe me he won't have anyone really soon.  I feel sorry for Kim and the baby.  He should just disappear into the woodwork.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Exactly Christina!!

I agree with the above poster, don't give him attention!! Talk to the rest of the Kardashians, they love to talk!

Sandra Matsunaga

Oh poor Kanye is a multi-million dollar celebrity and paparazzi want to take his picture.  Poor baby.  It's so unfair.  It's not at all what you signed up for when you decided to try and become famous right buddy? 

Shannon R Woodruff

they really named their daughter north....


nonmember avatar M

Doesn't he know as long as people know his name paparazzi will always take pictures of him. Yes we know they can be annoying and persistent but just smile and keep walking. Acting like you have a chip on your shoulder doesn't help and it gives them more of a reason to take your picture.

nonmember avatar Diane

Kanye has a classic case of Narcissistic personality disorder.

nonmember avatar Priscilla

Seriously Kanye is a real a hole. I bet if everyone including the cameras started ignoring him he'd act like a normal human being. Get over yourself Kanye!!

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