Paula Deen & 6 Other Stars Whose Big Mouths Almost Ruined Their Careers

paula deenShe looks as sweet as pie on all those book covers and TV appearances, but if a former employee is to be believed, Paula Deen is anything but. Claims of racist jokes and use of the N-word have been tossed around. It's unclear if all the allegations are true, but the once beloved culinary queen did admit to using that slur at least once in her life. That momentary lapse in judgement could mean ruin for Deen. Walmart, Target, and Home Depot will all stop distributing her products and the Food Network has dropped her show. Though, she's not the only star to suffer a fall from grace. Check out 6 other big stars whose big mouths have nearly put an end to their fame and fortune.

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bills... billsfan1104

First of all, Paula Deen did not admit to the "latter",  SHe admitted to using ONE RACIAL slur over 30 years ago.  SHe has denied all the other accusations.  I wish you would read the deposition and read what was actually said, without your hatred for her, spewing the lies you are spreading. 

Her career is hardly finished.  Her book went to number on the Amazon best seller list, when it was in the 1400's. 

Be careful Ericka, your hatred for good southern women is showing. 


bills... billsfan1104

ANd I read something by a black author that said "Funny, y'all don't want to eat food made by someone who used the "N" word but will bop, shake, and gyrate to songs the call you nigga, bitch, and hoe ALL day long? Who da sell out?


What a poorly written article. Yikes.

nonmember avatar Bookworm

I feel sorry for Isaiah Washington. I guess being gay doesn't preclude you from being scum. If you look at the situation using logic, not looking through that emotional haze of feeling offended on behalf of gays everywhere, it's extremely unlikely that things happened as TR Knight claimed. He just saw an opportunity to try to promote his career by playing the victim and I'm glad it didn't work. The fact that not a single one of their co-stars on the show, minus Katherine Heigl (who I think we all know is a moron), stood up to condemn Isaiah Washington or to corroborate TR Knight's story is telling. Isaiah admitted to using a gay slur, but directed at himself during an argument with Patrick Dempsey. He apologized for using it and while I won't defend his use of it, I think it became obvious after awhile that he was being used as a means to further a mediocre actor's career.

nonmember avatar Lucia

People remember all this stuff and yet no one seems to remember or care about the time that Mark Wahlberg savagely beat a Vietnamese man and left him permanently blinded in one eye in a racially motivated attack.

nonmember avatar Brooke

Will you please proofread? There are at least three spelling/grammar errors in this piece. It's distracting and lazy.

zandh... zandhmom2

What about Alex Baldwin?  I guess since he's a liberal, he gets a pass.  You know, this crap gets old really quick...either it's always wrong or it's not.  Make up your minds!

nonmember avatar MammaMel

What I have found most interesting about this story is that when people are complaining about Paula they call her a cracker and a honky...pot, meet kettle

nonmember avatar Dawn

I am more willing to believe the other dozen employees, who are African American, swear that she is in no way a racist. If she wasn't an older woman, no one would be making this an issue.

Taisie Taisie

Oh Lucia! I'm so glad you pointed that out about Mark Walburg, I have read about that in the past, and been so shocked by it that I actually have a hard time enjoying his movies anymore. When he was asked if he has apologized to the man, or maybe gave him some monetary compensation for the loss of his sight in that eye, he said no, and I wondered, why not? The man was permanently injured, and Mark Walburg is rich, rich, rich, and he can't find it in his heart to gift the man some money? And you know, it was not his only racially motivated assault on someone. Read up about it, it is truly shocking, no other word for it!

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