Alexander Skarsgard Spotted 'Looking Lonely' & Someone Must Pay (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgardOkay, you guys ... I have some serious Alexander Skarsgard news. It's ... I just don't know if you can handle it. Can you handle it? CAN YOU HANDLE IT?! 

No, honestly -- you can't. You can't handle this news, because this news is about Alexander Skarsgard suffering. Alexander Skarsgard ... feeling pain. HURTING ON THE INSIDE. And that's not all. This news is also about Alexander Skarsgard ... eating Thai food ... ALONE!!!

And. And!! You can guess who is to blame for Alexander Skarsgard's tragic moment of Thai food & solitude. Oh, don't play dumb. You CAN guess. You. Can. Guess. Here, I'll give you a hint: She's approximately eight feet shorter than Alexander Skarsgard. You need another hint? Well, DO YOU? Okay, fine ... ELLEN PAGE.

I don't know what that diminutive diva's problem is -- maybe she doesn't like Thai food or maybe Alexander Skarsgard just needed some personal space -- but Skarsgard was spotted "looking lonely" in Los Feliz. With his big old plate o' Thai food and his sad sack face. Bein' all Swedish. Even though that is clearly Skarsgard's specialty, the point is, I JUST DON'T LIKE ELLEN PAGE.

So, there you have it. Alexander Skarsgard likes Thai food, looks lonely, and go home, Juno. Nobody's eating anymore anyway! (RIGHT?!)

Need proof? (Of whatever it is I'm trying to say?) Check out this clip of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page bein' all awkward (as opposed to Swedish) in an interview promoting The East

See? SEE?!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard should have to eat Thai food alone by himself?

Image via sundancechannel/YouTube

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Ma Barker

He is in Sweden at the moment having a blast and then on to Iceland with the three co-stars of The East. I hope he has a good time  :)

nonmember avatar Jen

This is under heartbreaking? With the murders and missing children? Get a grip! This is an insult to the actual heartbreaking stories out there.

Lisa Edington-Todd

I would eat Thai food with him anytime. This beautiful man for some reason is a part of my dreams every night. I try to think about other things before I fall asleep, but for some reason he is always there. He is amazing!!!

nonmember avatar HrdcoreHouswife

Why is this news? Don't get me wrong I could eat that man alive but when did eating a meal by yourself mean you are lonely? I like to eat alone. Especially now that I have kids. 30 minutes alone in a restaurant is like manna from the gods. With a schedule as hectic as Alex's I'm sure he enjoys a meal in peace too.

nonmember avatar clyde

I guess I missed the awkward moment regarding Ms. Page??? Everyone seemed bright and well versed.

nonmember avatar Kay Kemp

Call me, I LOVE Asian food! I'm always game for a 'meet n eat" with a tall & gorgeous man. HUGE crush on Alex!!

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