Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's Wedding Might Be Off


Jennifer AnistonSooooo what's goin' on with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux? When they announced they were engaged about the same time Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced they were engaged, we all thought there'd be this mad rush to see who could get down the aisle first. But instead nobody is married yet! Harumph! Jen and Justin keep coming up with all kinds of excuses to postpone the thing -- first it was that Jen wanted a big splashy wedding while Justin wanted something small and cozy (read: cheap). Then it was all those renovations Jen was getting on her $21 million mansion hadn't been finished. Then it was that they were too busy working. Starting to smell like cold feet, amiright? Now, Jen and Justin's wedding might never happen, according to RadarOnline. And you won't believe why.

Reportedly, Jen is a Los Angeles girl to the core and Justin is in a New York state of mind -- and if you know anything about East Coast - West Coast, you know that ain't gonna fly. Jen tried living in NYC last year and didn't dig it, and Justin has tried L.A. livin' for awhile now, but he too is hankering for his old haunts. Says a source:

[Justin] suggested the couple could live in New York City part-time, no more than six months a year [and L.A. the rest of the time]. Justin misses the Big Apple, and his friends. His entire life was in New York, and he uprooted his entire life to move to LA to be with Jen. He thinks it’s time Jen start to compromise, but she is absolutely refusing to live on the East Coast, even part-time.

Well, Justin, this is what you get when you want to marry a much bigger star than you! You can just see that Jen is an L.A. Woman. Did you catch her on the streets of NYC awhile back in that black leather coat? She looked so out of place. NYC has rats and stuff. Jen's hair is made for beach weather.

Anyway, it's kind of odd this isn't something the couple discussed beforehand, but my guess is that if this report is remotely true -- each thought they could change the other. Jen was thinking, "He'll learn to love Santa Monica!" and Justin was all, "There's no way she can't adore the East Village." And meanwhile each was secretly thinking, "Get me the hell outta here!"

I've seen this type of thing break up couples. One is suburbia. One is city. One country. One rock n' roll. It never ends well. One couple I know spends part of their time on a farm in Maine and the other in Brooklyn -- that's how different their tastes are. However, the woman comes to Brooklyn alone. The husband can't stand it. So far they've made it work.

I hope Jen learns to compromise or she's gonna lose this man hunk. And she's lost too many already. Jen, NYC isn't so bad. Who loves ya, baby? If you can make it here ...

Have you ever had a disagreement with a partner about where to live?

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Linda Cornelius

If you love someone it'll work any where even if you're in a hole it does'nt matter if you love each other that's a fact. some people don't have money they make it work be cause they love each other it's not about what a person have nor where they live it's all about the LOVE THEY HAVE FOR ONE ANOTHER real love it does'nt matter where the rain falls.

nonmember avatar Amie

They are just a like-desperate and will do anything for media attention. I believe they plan their day with a pr agent. Don't trust one piece of information.

nonmember avatar J

As I said in a similar article just above this one, why is it all on Jennifer to compromise? And, what about all of the women Justin's lost in the past? These articles are so sexist I can't stand it.

That said, (assuming this is all true), not being able to agree where to live when money is no object is ridiculous. Maybe they are so freaking successful and rich that they can't stand not having every little thing go their own way.

Luke Oakridge

J, Justin has already compromised by offering to spend half the year in LA. Jen should have to compromise as well. Also he get's called cheap by the author just because he wants a normal wedding, something that would never be said about a woman who wanted a normal wedding. So the article is sexist, but in the opposite way than you said and you added a little sexism yourself.

nonmember avatar Kraut

This is just a ruse to get Justin out of this relationship. He's using this 'compromise' knowing full well she ain't gonna go for it. Something must be wrong with this girl or she is so self-centered that she can't allow anyone else in her life. Too bad.

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