Kim Kardashian’s First Tweet After Baby Is Not What We Expected

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kim kardashian happy birthday khloeOh. Mah. Gah. You guys, Kim Kardashian has spoken. Her first tweet since North West's birth -- the no-longer-greatly-pregnant-one has spoken! It's been 12 days since Kim gave birth and submerged herself into a self-imposed silence. It has to be the longest time Kim's gone without tweeting anything since ... well, since she's been on Twitter. Was it a postpartum selfie? Details about the baby? A joke at Kanye's expense? A photo of the sweet baby -- oh please let it be a baby pic! Pleasepleasepleaseplease ...


Kim's tweet had nothing whatsoever to do with baby Nori, and I'm trying to be a good sport about that. Instead, Kim just wished her sister Khloe a happy birthday. She tweeted a Kardashian family portrait collage, captioned, "The birthday girl! I love you so much!" And then a collage of Kim and Khloe pictures, captioned, "Now @khloekardashian the most loyal & supportive person on the planet! Like wouldn't be the same without you, Kokes!"

Aww, with such sweet tributes, how could we possibly harbor resentment against Kim for not tweeting about the baybay? Khloe is a loyal and supportive sister, and Nori is lucky to have her as an aunt. I am loving all this sisterly affection -- and the adorable family photos. Great idea.

Just ... we're going to see photos of that baby eventually here, right? I mean, a massive fan base is waiting. The people want their North West. Bring it, Kim!

Are you surprised by Kim's first tweet since giving birth?


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Baile... Bailey8307

If she had tweeted something about the baby it would be like making Khloe's birthday about her and I'm sure she would be criticized for that!  I'm glad she is taking a step back and hope she keeps little Nori out of the spotlight as long as possible.

Bess Moore

She's a pig! Who cares? Poor baby!!! She'll give it away when it's 72 days old! Yuk!!!

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