Jennifer Aniston May Be Ruining Her Relationship With Justin Theroux


jennifer anistonIn recent months, there have been too many covers to count on why Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have put their wedding on hold. Some suggest it's because she didn't want her big day to coincide with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's. Others blame it on their busy works schedules. Turns out, both theories are probably wrong. According to Radar Online, Jennifer may be the one sabotaging her own relationship. Here's how.

Jennifer may be too stubborn for this romance to have the happy ending she's dreamed of.  Sources have told the website that wedding plans are off because Jennifer refuses to compromise on where the couple will live.

They are currently renovating an amazing $21 million Bel Air mansion she purchased last year but Justin doesn't want to call California his permanent, year-round home. Apparently, the gritty, artsy actor can't stand it there. Sources say that he proposed they divide their time between the two coasts. He wants to spend half the year in New York and the other in L.A. but Jen's not having it. This could be the issue that forces the pair to split. I suppose they could just live apart when Justin wants to head to the Big Apple.

Sounds like a simple fix, but when you think about it, it is a big deal. It's tough to make a long distance relationship work, even if you have a private jet at your disposal. At first it could be fun -- as you anxiously await the next time you see the love of your life. But after awhile, that novelty can wear thin. That's a struggle many Hollywood couples face. Often the fact that a couple is not there for each other is among the "irreconcilable differences" that lead to divorce.

If Jen's not careful, she will be single once again. If she wants this to work, she has to be willing to compromise -- even if that means being bi-coastal.

Do you think Jen is being too stubborn?

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Andre... Andreamom001

I think no one has any idea what goes on in their relationship, and I know I don't care.  It's none of my business.  I wish them well, but the relationships I care about are those of my friends and family.

nonmember avatar tigerlilly

Dumb article

Maggi... Maggie.ames

Of course she is...she didn't want to marry him in the first place. Justin, please reunite with your girlfrend. She is only going to break your heart. Please get away from her now.

nonmember avatar Emily

I don't think the relationship will work out and it will end and here is why. Jennifer is a huge star, Justin was not as huge although he is very talented but not A list. I myself love NYC and I get him and understand his wanting to live their and it's true about the artistic , brilliant, weird or original and all kinds of artists live there and thrive on that city. If Justin knew this then I question why he was so involved in decorating this huge mansion. I wonder if he went along knowing in the end there would be a conflict and he could book back to NYC. The other huge issue is after having a 14 year relationship with a pretty woman and then ending it for Jennifer Aniston and getting engaged after 1 year of dating makes me wonder if he could had been driven to her by different motives, such as his own desire to be his own A lister. I mean making the HBO over marrying tells me something is not right with the woman you love. They won't marry in my opinion as they are just two different types of people, perhaps Jennifer Aniston should look for a California surfer type but damn does he have to be in show business? Maybe she should look at Doctors or Attorneys or some man in another field who loves LA as much as she does . Mansion won't do it, you can only sit in 1 room at a time.

nonmember avatar Emily

They won't marry and here is why, Justin Theroux is a N.Y.C. kinda of guy and I get it. I love N.Y.C. He comes from a well educated family and he writes and he's an intellectual who thrives on it and that is where you find all the neat ,cool, good weird talented individualistic artistic types. Interesting people. I also question a woman he was with for 14 years, that's a long time and now after 2 short years a marriage to Jennifer Aniston? It makes me wonder. I don't think they will marry, he wants to be a real A lister.

Taiwo Al

Jennifer should not give up her life and change everything about it just becuase a man wants to make her his fuck buddy for life. purleze wake up. i live in a place where my boyfriend stays with me. its difficult and hard to get used to things but - money is just not flowing so much that we can move into a place together yet. he has his house where he doesn't sleep but has other ppl living there. truth is - its not easy to merge two lives together constructively. life is not perfect. infact the most imperfect thing i can think of is marriage.

Robert Abrami

This woman never stops. First we heard for at least dtwo years aboutd her heartbreak over Brad. Then we heard how much she was in love with Justin and now he wants to divide his time between the east and west coasts. But no. Jen's too busy making lousy moves and is probably terrified of doing a play on Broadway. Jennifer, get a life or get a new guy who will kiss dthe hem of your gown.

nonmember avatar namia13

Bet Justin Theroux didn't complain when he saw the great opportunity that came his way the chance to become well known and an A-lister with Jen connections. He did not care then where she lived. Now he has gained a little notoriety just look at him whine, got what he wanted,it's time to bounce!

nonmember avatar Emily

Taiwo Al, first off no one asked Jennifer to change her whole life but compromise with the man she loves not "Fuck buddy" how crude. The other point is since you and your love I think are finding it difficult to merge CONSTRUCTIVELY together because the money is not quite there yet? Well these are the times when you need to merge CONSTRUCTIVELY, what's the alternative? "Life is not Perfect"? It's mostly about how we deal with it. If money is before love and positive thoughts for your future with your "Fuck buddy" then it could make your relationship stronger not weaker. Great Luck!

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