Lisa Vanderpump's New Dog Will Never Outdo Giggy -- NEVER! (PHOTO)

rumpy pumpyI honestly can't believe I'm writing this, but it's part of my civic duty to let the public know: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump got a new dog. And she's showing him off. I know. The audacity. Talk about being disrespectful to that gorgeous little fluffball, Giggy.

Lisa, no offense here, but this is really out of line. You know Giggy is the only one for us. We can't possibly make room in our hearts for another fluffy, four-legged friend of yours. So, quit trying.

But, okay, fine, this guy is really cute. Damn you, Vanderpump, and all your adorable pets!

Lisa tweeted a pic of her new pup, whose name seems to be Rumpy Pumpy, and shortly after the pic was posted, Giggy angrily tweeted: "Not feeling this fleabag on my territory. Rumpy bloody pumpy. Didn't see him on DWTS, WWHL just saying TUM TI TUM TUM."

Okay, Giggy, I'm going to be frank with you since no one else is listening: This dog is cute. Very cute. But he's not as cute as you. No one is. You are one of the most gorgeous pups to ever walk the earth. And I have a dog! Your hair. Your face. Your clothes. Who could ever top that? And hey, think about it this way, maybe your mom got Rumpy Pumpy to be your dog? If you look at it like that, I'm sure you'll have a change of heart. This guy can't be so bad.

In all seriousness, this pup is one super cute little guy. But will he ever surpass Giggy in adorableness? Um, that would be a resounding no. Giggy is stunning and no one will ever top him. Sorry, Rumpy Pumpy. You've been brought into a world where second best will have to do.

Giggy or Rumpy Pumpy?


Image via Lisa Vanderpump/Twitter

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Marcy Jessome

Did she get rid of her pound puppy Brandi?  Lisa don't you know if you hang out with trash like Brandi you look like trash.

Judy Speck

@ Marcy ....... if you feel this way ..... then y r u following her .... just asking ....

Cindy Antonuk

Sick of Giggy....Rumpy all the way!!

Patti O'Keefe

Rumpy Pumpy is adorable as is the "Gig"!


Jeanette Walberger

sorry but the "gigster" will always be #1!! so Lisa got another dog, she has 2 other poms too, you've seen them on the show. Doesn't seem to bother them, they probably play with Rumpy and who knows it may just be KEN'S NEW PUPPY, did anyone consider that one??

Cindy Webb

are we seriously having a conversation about a new dog someone got?

Hether McGovern

I am a big animal Lover I would take them all,But I say Giggy first.

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