Farrah Abraham Blames the Government for Her Bad Decisions (VIDEO)

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Farrah AbrahamWith all of this Backdoor business, I almost forgot about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham's brush with the law last March over St. Patrick's Day weekend. Remember that? When she "wasn't really driving" the car and was approached by an officer and then blew a .147? Mhm, almost twice the legal limit. Well, since the big drunkscapade where Farrah claims she didn't endanger anyone's life, she's taken a drug and alcohol class (and passed) and had a DWI evaluation (passed that too).

Farrah recently posted a video complaining about the whole thing, saying that even after passing her class and evaluation -- the government is "f#$!ing up her life" because she had to complete 60 hours of intensive therapy.

Um, yeah -- fines are annoying. But the last time I checked, all of these things are a normal request for someone who breaks the law. Watch Farrah's anti-government video, here:

Jun 26, 2013 | F*%# BOMB the Government! ! #overDWI SCAM @Keek (Vid) HAVE FUN by f1abraham on Keek.com


Oh Farrah. It's about time now that you start taking responsibility for your actions. First you waxed Sophia's eyebrows, and instead of apologizing for it, you just joked around and gave yourself a unibrow too. Then there was this whole drunk driving incident where you swear you did nothing wrong. And oh, the porn tape. Who cares if that's you being a bad mother? You were just doing it to "add to your personal collection."

It's like in Farrah's eyes, she can do no wrong. Listen, sister: don't blame the government for following up on your bad decisions. If you never got behind the wheel that night, this wouldn't be happening.

Do you think Farrah is just being dramatic?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Ugg, will she ever go away.

keelh... keelhaulrose

You do something illegal, get caught, arrested, fined and sentenced is not the cops fault. It's yours. I'm sick of hearing about entitled people who think they should be off the hook because they're a celebrity/ rich/ didn't hurt anyone/ whatever. Drunk driving is illegal because it has the great potential to hurt someone. Not every drunk driver does, but that doesn't mean we should let them drive around until it's too late.

nonmember avatar damien

2 The stir not liking women blaming others?..if they didnt then the stir wouldnt exist
3 She is blaming others..which means she is like 99% of everYone else in america at the moment..its not my fault cause i am a victim

nonmember avatar damien

Ugg, will she ever go away

She is holding a gun on the stir staff making them talk about her..she wont go away as long as the stir can get most of their clicks by talking bout her

cecil... cecillesmommy

Can she just go away from here, I honestly can't stand her, even from when she was on the show, she annoyed me. And yes I know I clicked on this story...

nonmember avatar Kristina

How about blaming yourself? Huh????

Sick and tired hearing about Farrah, and other "celeb" like her. So entitled and such a spoiled brat like most of Hollywood.

Sara Servalis

Comedian, 'Deep Space', DESTROYS Farrah Abraham's Sloppy Vagina


Cristi Parsley

She was never my favorite and so damn annoying!!!!

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