Robert Pattinson Seen Leaving Hotel With Mystery Woman -- Hide Your Eyes, KStew!

kristen stewart robert pattinsonKristen Stewart, hide your vampiric eyes! Robert Pattinson was spotted with a mystery lady, leaving the Chateau Marmont in the wee hours of the morning on June 26. That's gotta be a dagger to the heart, no? (Heh.) The pair was seen leaving the swanktacular hotel at around 2:45 in the morning, and naturally, the brunette was grinning from ear to ear. Who is this lucky lady? And moreover, does this mean Rob and Kristen are officially officially done? Say it isn't so!

There's been speculation for weeks now that the Twilight couple has called it quits, but there's always speculation that the Twilight couple has called it quits, so who really believed it? Sure, Rob had a party and Kristen wasn't there, but there was still room for interpretation with that. (Maybe she was out of town? Maybe she was shooting a movie?) But with this -- photographic proof of Rob making a late-night exit with a pretty mystery gal -- yikes! My money's on the couple being done once and for all.

Is it sad? Sure. Who didn't love the real-life version of Edward and Bella? But I think it's safe to say that these two just aren't meant to be. There have been too many stories of fights and breakups over the past few months. And where there's smoke, there's fire.

RIP, Edward and Bella, RIP.

What do you think of this?

Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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LostS... LostSoul88

Who the hell cares. SHE fucked a married man and broke off a marriage and peopel act like he's the bad guy. 

Joanne Thompson

you know what SHUT THE HELL up. enough is enough already. if they wherent famous we wouldnt give a damn. so let tthe idiots and their rumor mills have fun if we dont feed into the bullshit it will stop.


nonmember avatar meredith rose

Whatif hes planning something special for kristen? What if this mystery woman is their wedding planner and kristen had A.flight to Catch? Hell, what if its robs cousin Who just got into town?????? So yall need to shut up lol

nonmember avatar BCB

Go Rob go!!!! Find a REAL woman, with morals and values. Someone whose worthy of you. The skank who screwed her director,well she was never good enough, so go find someone who loves you for you. You deserve to be happy!

nonmember avatar este

You cats talk like RPattz is good and decent man. He slept with Nikki Reed all thru Twi-shit and then pitched her for KStew in New Moon. This guy's no angel. Furthermore, he's made a public spectacle of his personal life. I'm glad Kristen packed his shit and dumped him. This guy's an alcoholic douche bag. DB Sweeney was right. Katy Perry played him good and chose the bigger douche instead. Well at least John Mayer is talented. Whether RPattz has any fanbase outside of the Twi-shitters remains to be seen. None of his other movies did very well and SWATH was a blockbuster with 2 more to go. Kristen's gonna be around for sometime to come.

Michele DeLuca Smith

hey merideth rose....what if he was just planning something special for him..i highly doubt she is their wedding need to face reality...Rob has moved on


marsh... marshsmom

What I want to know is why do some of the photos show him behind the wheel?  He looks like he's loaded, and in no shape to drive, but all anyone seems to care about is the mystery woman....

Jane H. Crabill

No picture, just your word!!! Oh, Nicole, none of us trust you that much.

nonmember avatar Dee Sherman

How can anyone really tell who the woman is and how she looks, it is a tiny sliver of her face. It could be the girlfriend of the guy driving! Leave kristen and Rob alone!

Dinah Bajit

Ew they never even say they are couple until now.who cares they can live their lives they are still soooooo young for serious relationship especially Kristen.Enjoy your life Kristen while still young get serious when you are in your 30's for relationship ok? I really care for you i do...dont go into drugs or alcohol please and not lose morals please you are too pretty to do that,such a waste if you do babe...

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