Farrah Abraham Thinks She Can Do Everything Better Than Kim Kardashian

farrah abrahamOh, to be the airy thought bubbles that pop into Farrah Abraham's brain. The Teen Mom turned porn star recently spoke out about Kim Kardashian's baby name, North West, and inadvertantly exposed just how difficult it is for Farrah to think about something critically, using context clues. She told Hollywood Life that she feels like the name North doesn't really match.

I'm sorry, whatnow?

She said:

[Kim Kardashian] named her child North? Maybe she likes that. North? I mean, I could see someone naming their child North. It’s really her own preference. I don’t feel like it matches.

While most would argue that North matches all too well with West, Farrah thinks differently. Farrah doesn't feel like it goes. Farrah might not know the cardinal directions.

She also thinks she's better at naming babies than Kim, obviously. 

If giving Farrah the benefit of the doubt is your game, maybe you'd like to assume that Ms. Abraham doesn't think it "matches" because North doesn't start with a "K." If that's your stance, you're super generous and forgiving. Your mom must have been really awesome.

As far as everything else goes, beyond the mis-matched name, Farrah advises Kim to get some rest and focus on her newborn. She thinks Kim will be a great mom ... even if she named her baby something totally, totally, unmatchy matchy.

What do you think?


Photo via FarrahAbrahamOfficial/Instagram


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nonmember avatar Beth

Must be a slow news day... I'm no fan of Farrah by any means, but I get her comment and I don't see how it makes her stand out from anyone else questioning Kim's baby's name. I think what she is saying that if someone else, like Reese Witherspoon or Channing Tatum named their baby North, then it would still be an odd name, but it wouldn't have the significance that North West has. Ugh... I just defended Farrah Abraham.

nonmember avatar Mike

I think she CAN do everything better than KK. I think EVERYBODY can do everything better than her. Kim is a piece of garbage. A poor excuse for a human being. Lord only knows why she's famous or gets any press. A zoo monkey can do most things better than her and be more entertaining to watch.

Cooks... Cookster792

This girl talks a lot but doesn't say anything. What an airhead!!!

LostS... LostSoul88

How do you get that commet and twist it so say she means she's better then the Kim chick?

Samantha Millar

I think the name North is horrible and I feel as if that child will be ridiculed. But whatever floats her boat

Kathy Crocetto

That name is horrible! that kid will get picked on at school so bad!

Sylvia Slate

I think it is stupid for her to mock Kim's babies name, who cares its her baby she can name it what she wants. Hell some people probably think that Sophia is an ugly name. She really has nothing better to do than run her mouth about the name of a baby? Shes made so many enemies by talking crap to celebrities. Seems kinda stupid to me thata person so starved for attention and begs for fame is burning all these bridges. Farrah why don't you stop telling people your opinion what kind of idiot would take advice from a girl that got pregnant at 16 (whom she doesn't know how to parent correctly), makes a book that was by far the worst piece of literature, makes a song that looks like a 2 year old produced and last but not least makes a shitty porno... Farrah you are in no position to be giving advice so STOP BEFORE ONE OF THOSE KARDASHIANS COMES AND SHOWS YOU WHATS UP.

nonmember avatar Julie

I love the name Sophia so much that I named my daughter Sophia but seriously ur gunna talk shit about her babies name? SERIOUSLY? Is your life really that boring that you have to talk about KK babies name? Like if anyone really cares that you dont think it matches? Keep that shit to yourself.. Anywayz your the last one that should be talking about someone Farrah you already showed us how stupid you are..

Louisa M Shiznit

why doesn't Farrah mind her own business??? let Kim do what she wants..

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