Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend Jordan Ozuna: Is She Really a Waitress? And Married?


Justin BieberIt looks like Justin Bieber might have a new girlfriend. Surveillance cam photos of Biebs at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving with a new honey show him cuddling up to a blonde woman that reports say is a Las Vegas waitress named named Jordan Ozuna. An eyewitness told E! Online:

[Justin] was occasionally putting his hands around her waist, [giving her] a couple quick kisses ... He was definitely into her, and she was into him, as I could tell.

Photos show Bieber with his head in the new lady's lap. So who is this chick?

Readers are commenting that Jordan appears much older than Justin, but she's apparently only 22 years old. However, the Mandalay Bay waitress -- who is reportedly also still legally married (but on the verge of divorce?? unclear) -- does seem to have a calming "Mommy" effect on Bieber, as she cradles his head in her lap and stares off into space while they wait to jump from a plane. She's got that bored "Mommy" look on.

Older photos of Jordan show her looking very much like Selena Gomez -- with long dark flowing locks. I don't think the change to blonde does much for her, personally. Jordan is apparently an "aspiring" (aren't they all?) model and she also likes to post the requisite selfies of her in bra and panties. 

Another online video of what appears to be Jordan dancing around with a friend of hers is already drawing the wrath of Beliebers who warn her to stay away from their idol. Cray people, he's not dating you!

Jordan's (supposed) real Twitter account says: "Haven't been this happy in awhile." Hmmm? Any reason? She also asks everyone to leave her alone. Good luck with that one!

Anyway, I suspect this romance won't last very long. Let's face it, Selena and Justin are still hot for each other, and some married waitress isn't going to come between them. Harumph!

Do you think Justin and Selena are dunzo for good now?

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nonmember avatar southernbell

honestly who cares!?! the way i see it they are people just as much as we are, they deserve their privacy. if he wants to be with an older woman (selena was older too) then so be it. but i think him & selena are done..... they've done moved on.

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