'True Blood' Season 6: 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Up! (VIDEO)

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benIt pains me to say this, but there's been a lot of True Blood trash talk going on lately. Too many crazy plot lines, too many crazy characters, too many crazy creatures ... if the show continues at this crazy pace, some are even saying this season is doomed to be its last. NOOOO!!!  

Come on, Trubies!! We've got something real good going here! We can't just throw it all away over two sort of disappointing episodes!! Things will get better, I promise. For real this time!! Here are 6 reasons why you should give True Blood season 6 one more chance ...

1. In episode 3, "You're No Good," we finally, finally get to meet Warlow!! And he's gonna be SCARY. Can't wait!

2. In a preview for the same episode, Bill and Sookie are seen having a seriously intense interaction during which the former explains he "plays by a different set of rules now." We're pretty sure these two aren't gonna be gettin' it on, but some sort of sparks should fly nonetheless.

3. Sookie and Ben, on the other hand, will definitely be gettin' it on sometime in the very near future, and that scene promises to be burnin' hot!

4. According to HBO, Eric will get back at Governor Burrell by "hitting him where it hurts the most." We weren't sure where that would be, exactly, until we watched the clip below ... looks like the Gov's daughter Willa won't be human for very much longer ...

5. Sam might be hooking up with brand new Bon Temps resident Nicole Wright (Jurnee Smollett-Bell). And doesn't Sam deserve to be loved, for Pete's sake?!

6. Eric will most certainly be taking his shirt off at some point. Maybe even his pants!!

Not convinced? Watch this clip and tell us ...


Are you ready to give up on True Blood?

Image via HBO

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nonmember avatar Kristi

Gave up early last season because they deviated from the books too much! A little was acceptable to bring more about the different characters into the show. Adding a couple people to the show that weren't in the book was even ok. Making it completely unrecognizable isn't.

TMK919 TMK919

I think it's been fantastic !

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I understand deviating from the books to keep readers guessing too, but this show has become ridiculous! I'm over it and the only way I would start watching again is if they brought it back to the books some.

Victo... Victoria0785

i havent even been able to watch this new season i was so disappointed in last season! little changes are ok (GOT with Talisa instead of Jeyne Westerlng for example) but big ones like changing the entire storyline? not cool. HBO bought the rights to the franchise becasue the Sookie Stackhouse novels were so popular, so why deviate so much? I guess i'm not that surprised, they butchard Dexter too.

i swear, if they mess with GOT, the nerds will revolt!

Jennifer Raygoza

This is the last season for the current director/producer he moved on to do a show called Banshee. I think the pace is just out of control now. They need to slow it down. It got of course for me with all the fairy stuff and kind of went down hill from there.

Penny Elaine Fink

They got off the book so far the only thing in common are some of the characters... I dont know about everyone,But I was excited about the books coming to life on the screen.. Now its just not the same.. I Love ERIC and always will but Alan Ball ruined this show and Im not sure anyone can bring it back!!!

10ldm0m 10ldm0m

I'm wondering if the reason going off the book so much was because the pregnancy of the main actress. Having twins she would have shown fast. You can see that from the camera shots. Above the waist big coats things in front of the tummy. They need to go back to the plot of the books. As the saying goes ...on a silver platter.

Michelle Law

Who says you gotta follow the book exactly? I love it and I'm watching it till the end. Even the author of the books is ok with this.

Rockn Robyn

Im loving this season. i like this show because it sups living & coping in the human world. TB is fiction,fantsy, & horror.. To many people make true life out this tv series. I watch this show for entertainment. I get my omg, wtf,are you for real,lol,rediculos, etc, moments from this show.Hoping for a least one to two more yrs of TB..!!!

Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod

Gee I hope you're right...the writing seems to have gone to shit - but, I'm in this deep now, no turning back...

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