Miley Cyrus Appears to Threaten Dad Billy Ray in Bizarre Rant

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Miley CyrusDoes Miley Cyrus know something about her dad Billy Ray that the rest of the world doesn't know that she's going to tell unless he fesses up to the truth? Dah-dah-duuum. The bizarro antics started when Miley threat-tweeted her dad a picture of herself with a redheaded mystery woman and the words: "Since you won't reply to my texts, I'm giving you an hour to tell me the truth or I'll tell it for you."

Shikes! Sounds like a bad line from a soap opera.

After some digging, it was uncovered that the mystery woman had starred in a play with Miley's dad last year. Her name is Dylis Croman. Since Billy Ray and Miley's mom, Tish, are going through a divorce -- well, my mind is going straight to Miley suspecting that Dylis and her dad maybe had a fling? Or are having one? But if so how did Miley end up in a picture with her? How bizarre!

Miley, however, quickly deleted the ultimatum and then posted that ol' "my Twitter's been hacked" excuse that everyone from Anthony Weiner to Amanda Bynes uses when their feeds suddenly pop with bizarro tweets. Wrote Miley:

Wtf? My twitter was just actin all types of cray!

Errr, okay, Miley but that doesn't explain the fact that you were indeed in the photo with Dylis. Doesn't look Photoshopped either, since it's a recent pic, with your very short cropped 'do. Yeah, Miley, if you don't want us amateur sleuths trying to figure out your family's dirty laundry, then don't tweet it at us!

Lesson here? Don't ignore your daughter's texts. Especially if you've got something to hide!

What do you think Miley was saying?

Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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LostS... LostSoul88

trying to ask if that woman was behind her dad and her moms marriage

Tatiana Guzman

there is definitely something going on, why haven't they sent a statement saying otherwise then! I found more info about her here

nonmember avatar ZMommy

It's none of our business and it was trashy of Miley to tweet that. If she is so worried about what her dad is up to she should have called, texted, or emailed him directly.

there... theresaphilly

She needs to let her parents deal with this problem, and not take either parent side, regardless of what occurred or may have occurred. When my parents divorced they both made a conscious decision not to put the children in the middle and they stuck to that rule and we are happy that they did. 

nonmember avatar calebsmama

I agree zmommy that was really trashy of her. She is acting very immature and it really seems like she is seeking attention.

nonmember avatar Karma

Miley Cyrus is an indulged brat. She's still not too old for her dad to spank her which is what she needs. Billy Ray, turn that brat over your knee and give her hyde a good tanning!!!

Paula Fleming-Zidel

Miley Cyrus IMO is out of control ... children (yes, Miley's very childish!) should not get in the middle of their parents' private lives.  It's not her business, she needs to tend to her own life which seems to be in shambles .... 

nonmember avatar IeshaHawkins

well iI dont believe nothing miley cyrus say because she iss a big lier and she is racist

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