7 Wild 'Teen Mom' Tattoos That Should Inspire Farrah Abraham to Get Inked (PHOTOS)

Word on the street is that Farrah Abraham wants to get a tattoo. And you know what? I think she should! She's already made herself the black sheep of the Teen Mom group by going out and making a sex tape -- maybe this could be her way of fitting in again? Give them all something to talk about? Because let's face it, these Teen Moms clearly love their body art.

So let's offer Farrah some ink inspiration, shall we? Here are 7 of the BEST Teen Mom tattoos:

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nonmember avatar Mike

Nobody should get inked. Tattoos are trashy. You can always tell a piece of trash by the ink on their bodies.

Chelsie Chris Crawford

Just because someone has tattoos does not automatically make them "trash" I have four and all mine have meanings through family and through faith. You sound like such a rude jerk and very small minded about your view on tattoos. Just because someone is televised and has tattoos doesn't mean they are "trash". Its not your body so its not your call and your opinion isn't needed Mike.

nonmember avatar lisakphillips

Tattoos look trashy to me, I know some people like them, but I think they're hideous. To each their own, but I don't think she should get one at all...she's trashy enough already!

This is a big fight on this site every time it comes up and it's so dumb. Some people think they look great, others think they look trashy, and no one's right, it's a matter of preference. You can't really tell someone that either preference is wrong, it's like arguing about a favorite color. These articles only exist to increase traffic and ad revenue.

nonmember avatar Allison

I can honestly say that some tattoos are absolutely beautiful if done by the right artist. I just recently got one a few months back as a memorial tattoo for family on my shoulder blade.

But if you get a tattoo without a good reason, like just wanting one, you'll end up regretting it in a few years.

Tattoos have to have a story of some sort behind it

nonmember avatar Nikki

If you think tattoos are trashy, that's your opinion but that doesn't mean that "no one Should get one" that's a very closed minded opinion, I have 3 tattoos and 6 more in the making, as soon as I have the money for them, and they ALL have meanings. They aren't trashy, they look good.

nonmember avatar kaerae

If you think they're trashy, which is a matter of preference, not a matter to debate, then the opinion that no one should get one follows logically. The fact that they some are beautiful or have "meaning" doesn't change that preference. If you like them, then obviously you wouldn't share that belief. The question asked was "what tattoo do you think Farrah should get?" It's a question the answers to which will be OPINIONS, and "none" is a valid opinion. Quit arguing a matter of preference.

Kelly Demand

"No one should get inked. Tattoos are trashy" Wow... really... That is a matter of opinion. I have tattoos, and I am far from trashy. I am an educated mother of three witha  wonderful job working with special needs children... The ink on my body does not change that


Spooky80 Spooky80

I like neither LOL

Shawna Higel

I am not surprised to see people say that tats are trashy. I have seven at the present time and plan on getting more. Every one of my tats has a special meaning. Most of them represent triumphs in my life and the special times and people in my life. I have a college degree, a very good job and so does my husband ( who has more ink than me) I can understand having an opinion about them, but why do they have to be so harsh? As far as these girls, it's not the ink that makes them trashy, it is their attitude that makes them trashy.

nonmember avatar Teresa

Really??? People are trashy because they have tattoos?? seriously???? WHEN did you guys start walking on water and go by the name of JESUS??? Shame on you... I have seen some beautiful beautiful ink jobs on some super nice people. I have also seen bad ink jobs.. beside the point..If you are going to judge inked people why dont you go right ahead and judge your self first.. make sure your closet is cleaned out before you judge and cast stones in the right direction because I am sure each and everyone of these trash talkers are no where near sin free.. if you are going to categorize people into sections then wow I am sure that people who get botox and use make up to look nicer and go to the gym to feel better are complete snobs... hmmmm I guess that makes me snobby trash?????

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